Getting all the DLC

Hey, I just ordered Batman Arkham city off Amazon. 

What DLC do I get with the game?

Is it worth buying all the other DLC? For example Robin and Catwoman... Or are there some that should be avoided?

Thanks very much


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The game of the year edition is due this week,it contains all dlc.

the standard version ,if  bought new, should contain a download for catwoman.

i would wait to see how much you enjoy the game before buying the current dlc as it is only for combat and predator challenges and adds nothing to the main game.

Should I get the Arkham bundle? Only 1200 MSP

i would wait,there is more dlc due this week that adds more campaign missions.

the dlc available now is just challenge missions that a lot of people don`t really like.

Ok, thanks very much for your advice!

Depends on what region you are in


If you are in the US, then the GOTY version comes out tomorrow, which is the game, every bit of DLC including "Harley Quinn's Revenge" due out tomorrow, and a free digital download copy of the animated movie Batman: Year One (great animated Batman Story)


If  you are outside the US, then the GOTY is not out until September. If you get a new copy of the game, then you get the Catwoman DLC as standard. If you enjoy the combat and the challenge maps from ayslum or are just a fan of the Batman universe, then the DLC packs of Robin and Nigtwing are a must, so much fun using the different combat style of each character, Batman, Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing.


The Harley Quinn DLC is the first and only Story driven DLC the game has, totally SP and over 2 hours long


A New copy of the game in the UK will cost £20-25 if that, a 2100 points card will get you ALL the DLC bar the skin pack which is only 400MSP