Getting a new xbox and I have a few questions about my minecraft game

My xbox is messed up so I decided to get a new one by trading in two of my broken ones. On one of my broken xboxes I downloaded minecraft. Do I have to buy minecraft again in order for my dad and brother to play with me offline in splitscreen or can I just download it again? Also is there a way to keep our saved worlds? Gamestop needs a hardrive so I can trade.


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You can do a license transfer for the game on the my account page which would allow you to play it offline, as for saves you can transfer saves to cloud storage and then copy them on to your new drive. Or a transfer cable if your silver.

I will say, that it sucks you'll have to trade in your hard drive, as the transfer cable would solve all your problems.  As for doing a license transfer, I highly suggest clicking on this link, as it will really help you with the step-by-step process.

No you do not have to buy minecraft again. It is associated with your account but you will have to download it again. You can save the information or do a transfer. depending upon the amount of information you have on your HD cloud would determine if cloud storage is a good option.