Get ready for Halo 4, join us!

Midland Base is recruiting members & leaders and wants to ring in the coming of Halo 4 with the creation of a new Squeaky Sheep of Doom and "Sucks to be the Leader" game type!

This contest is long, and it will take true effort on behalf of contestants, so the rewards are HUGE.

Up front, here's what you can win:

- EVERYONE who submits a QUALIFYING entry will receive the "Squeaky Sheep of Doom" award worth 500 XP and 5000 credits at if you are participating at Halo Unity.

- The WINNER will receive a code for ONE YEAR of XBox Live Gold.

(You DO NOT need to be a member of Halo Unity to win the grand prize of one year of XBL Gold, that is open to all Midland Base members!).

Is your interest piqued? Read on...

We want to celebrate Halo 4, recruit new members, recruit new leaders, and get a Squeaky Sheep of Doom map and "Sucks to be the Leader" game type for Halo 4!

If you're looking for a friendly community to be in, or are looking to be a leader of a community that believes in fair play & good sportsmanship, and you know you'll be eager to make maps and game types in Halo 4 forge, this contest is for you.

Here's the basics to participate: Join and become an active member of our group and remain active at least through the end of the contest. Maintain your eligibility to submit an entry. Between the release of Halo 4 and the contest submission deadline, submit a qualifying map / game type combination.

Here's a fly through of our current Squeaky Sheep of Doom map:

You can get the current map and game type we use in Reach on my file share:

The rules:

1. Sign ups start now! You have to sign up in our group forum, so if you're not a member already you must apply for membership to our group here: Read the instructions! Follow them! The #1 reason we reject applicants is failure to pay attention to detail.

2. Sign ups END on 06 NOV 12 at 23:59:59 U.S. Central Standard Time.

3. Map / game type combinations must be submitted by 23:59:59 U.S. CST of 11 DEC 12. All participants submitting a qualified entry will receive the Squeaky Sheep of Doom award here as soon as we determine the entry is a qualified map / game type combination.

4. Our group leaders will utilize submitted maps / game types on our game nights 13 - 16 DEC 12 and will judge submissions. The year of XBL Gold will be awarded no later than end of the day on 21 DEC 12.

5. In order to submit a map / game type combination the participant must hold the rank of Private in our group.

6. Any submission that is NOT a real effort to win will be DQ'ed. Obvious last minute half baked efforts will not be considered a qualified submission. In other words, throwing together slop at the last second WILL NOT earn you the Squeaky Sheep of Doom award.

7. Participants are disqualified if they have to be booted from our game night party, receive a temp. ban from our forums, or get designated as MIA from our group at any point from 01 SEP 12 through the conclusion of the contest on 21 DEC 12. Prior to announcing the winner it will be checked to verify the winner wasn't designated MIA in our SEP, OCT, NOV, or DEC activity scans.

Our group policies govern promotions, rank, and MIA status as they pertain to this contest:

Our award & rank structure, as well as how to promote within our group may be found here:

[quote]Check out our video, a Tour of Midland Base, and get to learn all about us and hear music from Halo 4.

Do you like Halo? Do you like LIKING Halo? Do you need to be a part of a Halo group that feels the same way?

Then Midland Base is the place for you! We're a group of mature gamers that specialize in making Halo what it was meant to be! While we love to just sit back and play Halo, we first make sure that we create a comfortable environment for all of our members. Imagine, if you can, Halo without flame wars, ****, name calling, betrayals for weapons, or players going AFK through the match. Instead, we have laughs, good sportsmanship, comraderie, and lively debate. Check out our mission statement here.

Still not sold? Here are some other features of our group:
Griffball Team
SWAT Team (Website in progress)
Weekly Screenshot Caption Contest
Lots of Ranks to be Promoted to and Awards to Earn, as well as potential advancement to Moderator status
An active Montage Creating Group
Occasional battles/mixers with other groups
Our own forums on Enjin
We have four gamenights a week here's our schedule
We livestream our gameplay

Now to the nitty gritty:

How do I join?

-Fill out an application here. Make sure all answers are accurate!

-We go through the application with a fine comb and make sure the applicant is a correct match for our group.

That's it! No K/D requirements, changing your gamertag, or making you go through a "boot camp". At Midland Base, it's not about how good you are, but about being pleasant to play with!

What Midland Base rules should I be aware of before joining?

-Most of our rules revolve around being a good sport and not making others uncomfortable. This includes no ****, no yelling at other players for doing poorly, and no talking about contraversial topics (religion, politics, etc). We make an exception with the **** rule against players who t-bag first. Hey, we aren't monsters!

-We have a minimum monthly post requirement for our forums to make sure all of our members are active. We require 8 posts per month, starting the month after a members joins. If you fail to make 8 posts and are removed from the group, you may apply again and be accepted again, it will not be held against you! Obviously, if you are requesting to join again, that means you are active again.

So why not give us a try? We currently have 70 members who call this place home. You could be next!

In case you missed it before, apply to join us here:

Hope to see you out there soon![/quote]


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