Get out of prison after stunt jump???????

How the hell do you get out of the prison after jumping in? for the life of me i can't find an exit to drive through


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The main gate?

I haven't done that jump yet, but the prison has a main gate and there's always a patrol car parked just inside it.

yeah but once inside im having trouble finding my way to the gate alot of paths are blocked off

Gotcha. The gate is on the east side near the highway if that helps any.

You need to travel clockwise inside the prison to get out. The cops will be coming in the gate as you are trying to get through it. Once you get through that 1st gate turn left and you will have to go out 2 more gates. After that it's a straight shot so gun it and hope you can find a good hiding spot quickly to lose your stars. those choppers are dangerous!