Get down?

Been playing the game for a while, I have noticed in the area between the blacksmith Andrei and the door which is opened with the key that costs 20,000 souls from him.

You come to a ledge with 2 mini-trees, a void of space and a castle on the other side. If you look down that void you can see a large tree walking around.

Anyone got any idea how to get down there? 


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If you go down to the area where the first fog door is, just past the small alcove with 3 trees and a treasure, hug the wall to the right.  Keep walking until you come to a tree that seems slightly out of place along the cliff wall.  It seems greener than the others, and it's roots move very slightly.  Hack at it until it dies.  This will reveal a hidden path.  You have to get past a couple of stone gollums, but keep going up the long curved stairs and you'll find it.