Get 5 kills with 1 turret/Changing difficulty effects completion achievements?


I was reading about the chevo get 5 kills with 1 turret... and seen a video of this been done in Mutant Bast TV. But the bloke who did it turned the game difficulty down to easy. I am playing through on normal at the moment, and if I was to change the difficulty down just for that one chevo and then put it back to normal... would that effect the game completion chevos? and as I changed the difficulty down a notch then I would only get credit for completing the game on easy?

Can anybody shed any light on this please?

thank you


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I'm not sure if it will effect it but I promise you you do not need to be on the easy setting to obtain this Cheevo I was on my nightmare run-through when I got it.The best place for you to get is in the sewers across from the wasted garage and under the overpass if your able to do it if not then I would suggest one of the bandit hideouts mission to try and get it but if you have the sewer mission this is the best way to do it. When you go down into the sewer there will be 1 mutant unaware of you take him out silently so your able to get setup. Proceed down the hallway till you come across a gap jump down and go to either side and set up a turret. At this point shoot your gun and wait very soon multiple mutants start showing up and you will get the Cheevo within seconds. Good luck

You don't need to bump down the difficulty. I unlocked the achievement during the Dead City mission.