Genkibowl VII: How do you activate Shockwave (spoilers) Sexy Kitten Yarngasm? I get nitrous, but that's all :/


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I think you receive 4 Shockwaves by destroying one of the Mouse ATVs and then they are activated with 'RT'.

All I did was ram into things and after a certain amount of damage/cash earned, the shockwave meter gained a use. I'd look up on the Saints Wiki to get more info for you, but due to Wikipedia's blacking out of it's sites, can't get access to it...

Ok, well then how about some help destroying things with soft fluffy yarn...I'm always coming up short by about 50,000

I won't be able to join you til tonight (my time) due to work. However, I'll still help you out KatWoz ^^ I enjoy playing with you.

I helped Kat with Her Yarngasm. She helped Me with Snatch. So We are getting along great! LOL

"I helped Kat with Her Yarngasm. She helped Me with Snatch." I lol'd

Yes Kat I was trying to word it right and not get banned! LOL