Genius idea for Halo (ALL Halo fans read)

This wouldnt go under this subject, but I have a very good idea for all true XBOX fans. I believe that Microsoft should develop a double pack for the original 2 Halo's so all real XBOX fans can play the original 2 Halo's and still be on  XBOX Live AND play online with other people. I just thought that maybe if I had started a blog on this and many people might have agreed with the idea, Microsoft really could consider the idea and it could happen. 


So what I want all XBOX fans to comment on this blog and tell me what you think about the idea and maybe Microsoft will see the post. I also believe it is smart for Microsoft because I'm sure that it would get a lot of sales and could make Microsoft a couple extra million dollars. Thank you guys!



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(P.s.- When I say XBOX fans, I mean all original XBOX fans and XBOX 360 fans)


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I know Halo 2 is on the computer and still playable(You even appear online on Xbox Live when you play it). You can get a adapter to use your 360 controller on the PC.

But, as other said they won't come up with a remastered Halo 2 until the 10 year anniversary.

Well if CE Anniversary sells 343 might consider making a Halo 2 remake. The thing is they would need to test multiplayer repeatedly and judging from this standpoint they would probably just have Single Player with Halo 4 multiplayer tacked on.

I posted the same subject in the old forums. I don't see how releasing a double pack of the first two Halos would not generate a large sum of money for M$. Great idea, I know I would buy it.

the problem with your idea? microsoft only allowed a remake of halo CE because its the 10 year anniversary. halo 2 came out back in 2004? 2005?  i think? correct me if i'm wrong so i can get the correct date. which means we're still a few years away from getting a halo 2 remake. i sure wouldn't complain tho if they remade it sooner rather than later

I agree. that would be awesome.

Bungie did not shut the servers down, It was Microsoft not supporting Xbox Live for any Original Xbox games.

I loved halo until reach, such a disappointment. but Halo: CE was the reason i bought the xbox and i think it would be a good idea but halo: CE had no online, only LAN, halo 2 was a reason i got live, and i played it until halo 3, but bungie shut the servers down to halo 2, and forever lost.

Thanks for your reply. I'm glad to see that some people like my idea. And yeah that is a really good idea. That is really genius. Good thinking. Thanks for saying that, because I meant to put that if you have any ideas say them. I'm hoping Microsoft does this. I've e-mailed them and everything and the guy replied and said that it is a great idea and that they'll present the idea to some big part of the company. And if you can help, please try to spread the word around about the idea. Like around this website and on XBOX Live. I dont know much about this website, so if you could help. it would be appreciated. Thank you michael008ja.  You don't have to help, but if you would like this to happen, it would very much help to spread the word around.

well i've all way's have hated halo mainly because it's a strange spacey game so i've only ever played halo wars which i hated but i downloaded the halo reach demo and i liked it so your idea sounds cool and if after microsoft have fix the currant problems they could do a free 1 week demo but do it so that players can play with people with the full game or with demo players and have most of the different options on the full game it might get more people like me buying the games