kinda a stupid question pretty sure I know the answer just wanna clarify, so the 24hr thing is that in game or real time?


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I also wondered is it a midnight reset or is it 24 hours from last kill

From what I read it is a midnight of whatever time zone you are in reset, so not necessarily 24 hours the second time you fight him, but after that it will be midnight every time before they reset.

There is no lock out for Gee. At least not for me.

I did hear his broken and doesn't lock out. I also heard the loot he drops is broken. Apparently instead of dropping his own gold he has very small chance of dropping all over game rares and 90% of time drops eridium rather than crystals.  Wether or not it's true I have no idea but considering I've killed him like 6 times with no crystals and only gold was a bee makes sense I guess

Gee rarely drops anything at all. He never drops crystals. I haven't seen him personally drop anything, but a fellow Vault Hunter gave me a rocket launcher and insisted it was from Gee.

If your looking for a way around the 24 hour clock you can always reset your xbox's clock a day forward. I did it for awhile but farming Hypierus was more work than reward for me.