GEE w/o Freeze

If anyone needs help doing this I will be more than glad to help you out in showing you how, yes with the rock trick, but the fastest I have beaten him mind you is around 50 mins when using this cheap trick.


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everytime i try and hide behind the rock i still get covered in acid...what am i doing wrong

basically he's not walking through the acid spouts he needs to walk through them in order for them to close he also soaks them up and thus damaging him. I can post a link in this reply as well that will help you out my fastest time now was 35 mins.


P.S. subscribe this guy does an awesome job at explaining things and getting them done well.

also I forgot to mention if you do get it when you go behind the rock look a the fence then straight to the ground I have not yet had a freeze

I do rock trick but down 4 worms first takes bout 15 min then I found all worms had to be in ground when he dies or it crashes was confused this morning though he dropped a bee sheild !

He can drop any legendary I have seen a storm front from him, but I will tell u never once seen any seraph from this D BAG.

Yikes! No crystals? Then I'm definitely not bothering with him again, no point for me. I wanted some crystals just to collect the pink guns but I guess I'll have to figure Hyperius out.

We fight Gee all the time as he was intended to be fought with no camping behind a rock. We also make sure all the worms are dead when he dies. Sometimes he freezes and sometimes he does not. It has nothing to do with worms. We have come to the conclusion that it freezes based off of what he drops.

As soon as the box says "Turn In" in green back out and save. Never freezes that way.