gears season pass DLC

does any1 know if there going to take this off the marketplace like saints row did with there season pass DLC or is it gonna stay just wondering bc i dont have the money for the DLC atm ah ha the whole reason i been trying to stay away from gears love gears just need the DLC


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Not really sure, but they need to IMO.

Couldn't you just buy the Saints RoW Season Pass DLC at Gamestop?

i dunno but i did get that season pass before it got de listed off the marketplace i was just wondering about this one bc they did take that one off the marketplace didnt know u could buy it at a store and i know there kind of 2 different gaming companys just yea but aw that sucks if no1 knows i hope it dont but i know microsoft ah ha they love to de list stuff every dashboard update  

I hope Epic will release a disc version of the season pass.

They will, it will be called GoW 3 GotY Edition

Hey Dirt, if you want to play some GoW 3 hit me up. And I need to get the Season Pass lol.