Gears of War Timeline 

Sorry for the lazy link... They also are coming out with a board game let me find that post...


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Very cool.  Thanks for the post.

It’s the last week before the release and I find my self watching the MLG tournament for tips on the new MP maps.

Thats pretty cool. but i did notice that it said that marcus's mom went missing before the COG vs locust. I wonder if shes the queen. lol

I like's version-

"The Gears of War trilogy has a story... with an actual plot. This may be a revelation to some, so Epic has produced a timeline that covers pertinent events.

Short version: Marcus Fenix has deep daddy issues. His buddy, Dom, had spontaneous wife issues in the second game, but they worked it out. Meanwhile, the planet had a locust problem, which then evolved into issues with a new group, the lambent. There, you're all set for Gears of War 3."