Gears of War is too easy now. 101 Kills Video.

This game is too easy, please make it so the DBS and Retro aren't so easy to use.


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Yep, that's why we all go 20-0 every game. WAAAAY too easy.


It is, Gears takes much less skill/effort than the first 2 games did.

Getting 101 kills in a KOTH game....

Now lets try that in Warzone or Execution when you have only one life.

Question: how does JuggaloJonJon or whatever his name is have just about as many caps as you do, 10 less breaks or so, and a little less than 1/5 of your kills, yet you only have twice as many points?

if anybody here thinks he made this thread to show how "bad" gears is and not how "good" he is is stupid

first of all u will not be able to get 101 kills in any other game mode the time does not allow that

second, you clearly played against a bunch of bad people at this game, did u get 101 kills every game? if you are then you are obviously God

third, dont use the sawed off, sawed off is for "noobs"

fourth, your a level 37, u played the beta too much lol

fifth, its just a beta, its an accurate representation of the game but the game will not be the same as the beta

sixth, gears 1 is a completely non teamed based game, gears 2 they tried team based but failed, 3 they are correcting all the issues, gears 3 is a TEAM based game, you are not supposed to run around and get 101 kills, which is probably why even tho you had "so many kills" your team still lost 1 out of the 3 rounds

and yes i just completely raped you with words

its not easier its just better than gears 2 I feel its the same as gears 1 except for the gnasher and new weapons

@Envoy of Chaos

Not the point. Execution/Warzone will just turn into a camping match. How will any player move up on me when I have a DBS or Retro? They can't.


I never said I was good or bad, nor did I say the Gears series is good or bad.

Does it matter what game modes I can do this is? Nope, I'm simply saying that the Retro and DBS are too easy to use, no one should be able to do this WHILE completing the objectives.

There are plenty of people that are higher ranks than me. I didn't even play it for almost a week straight.  Rank has nothing to do with it. Anyone that knows the maps and the mechanics of Gears could pull this amount of kills with the DBS and Retro. I'm simply recording it to show Epic the game's skill gap is gone.

Don't tell me your false information.... As of now, Epic says they haven't seen any data to change these two weapons (<--FACT), they'll be damn close to the final game.

I don't know if you watched the video or not, but I had the most captures, breaks and kills. Which is the point of the gametype. I helped my team out just fine, that's what I'm supposed to do. If you think " you are not supposed to run around and get 101 kills," you're wrong, that's exactly what I'm supposed along with capture the ring.




You obviously don't play the Gears series then... How many people do you see get 100+ kills in Gears 2 and Gears 1 in Annex/Koth? Not that many... because there's more of a skill gap.

so then how wud u suggest the game is made less easy?

For the DBS, I would remove the downing ability and for the retro, I would give it less accuracy and/or damage when hipfired. Which is exactly what I hear a lot of people online and on the forums (Epic's forums) say.

I understand Epic wants to cater to newer players to attract a wider audience, they've said that and it's great. I just don't think they've realized the weapons that were made for newer players can be easily abused and take the skill/effort out of the game when used by decent players.

I'm not one of those people that will say, "Oh they need removed" or "You're a noob for using them." They just need tweaked imo. They wanted the retro lancer to stop Gnasher rushers, but it stops just about anything when in decent hands.

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