Gears of war? how do I beat ... Pale horse?

I have gotten mediocre advice at best... I have been told, "just run by him and get on the turret..Hope, doesn't work , I have been toldwhen the kryl leave him attack him... nope doesn't work.. So  can someone please tell me how to beat this!!!!!!


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I killed RAAM of twice here. If Kryll start flying from RAAM, shoot one of the Kryll Birds, they'll fly away. Try evading RAAM to the turret. On the turret, shoot him until he dies, worked for me.

pick up the sniper,torque bow and grenades from the train car just before taking raam on. time your shots well with perfect active reloads and headshots. dont bother with the turrent. just run from one side of the area to the next when he gets too close. its alot of trial and error. throw granades at him when he gets close, hit him with the torque bow when the kryll fly away or use the torque bow to make em dispearse. land head shots with the sniper. the key, especially on insane, is to make EVERY shot count. hope this helps

This definitely is a very hard section of the GOW1 – probably the hardest of all three GOW’s. The link below gives some great advice. I'd also say that you need to get to that box and crouch there. If you get up, you will be killed quite quickly. You might need to move from one side of the box to the other as Raam moves and tried to come around to you. Eventually he will be stuck and won't move forward which appears very odd. You're on one side of the box and he's on the other side of this apparent small 3 foot square box. He's like right in your face so the tendency is to run away. Don't run, just keep blasting him away relentlessly, perfect reloads, one after another. Use every weapon you can if you run out. Fire at him especially when the Krylls fly off as that is when he's not protected. Once he stays put, you can stay there and keep blasting away. Headshot firing is important and grenades. Keep going for it. There will be a point his back is facing the railing, which if you notice has broken. You need to blast him back. I did it on Hardcore I believe and it was not easy. Lots of deaths trying many things, running to the back, running away., etc.

Jumping from hiding spot to hiding spot - nothing seemed to work.  Staying behind that barrier box is the key and you might have to do it more than once, getting to that box and using it for cover is your only key way to overcome Raam. He will come to a point where he won't move towards you anymore and that's when you blast him none stop like there's no tomorrow. Let us know what happened!

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This is the best advice to follow, forget the turrett, the krill are too overwhelming, although it would be fun to find new challenging ways to kill RAAM, isn't there a special gernade past the turret if you can get it can you actully tag RAAM with it?

One thing I noticed is you will be more successful in killing RAAM if you gernade and torkebow him to remove the krill, and distract him from killing Dom. I stayed at the back and threw gernades, When the krill leave RAAM shoot him with a torque bow-no need to wait for a full charge, just get a clear shot and take it. Its hard to explain I recommend you just keep practicing and enjoy killing RAAM your own way. There are some glitch walk throughs on youtube with good info on a quick kill, but that kinds takes the fun and challenege away from beating that smug grub! You can bypass the intro, so you don't have to watch the movie scene everytime you try again, just leap right into the action and have fun!