Gears of War has the worst gaming community on Xbox Live

glitchers, mainly roadie runners and players that leave the map

complainers, who whine about every single facet of the game every time they die, if you feel that strongly about the game, DON'T play!

rage-quitters, who get killed and feel the need to quit

smack-talkers, i mean damn i never heard so much talk in an 8 person lobby

Well this is a thread for those that aren't any of the above. I'm a really good player (hey I'm cocky but I don't talk smack =p) and I always wanted to start my own clan (it's clearly too late for this game lol), but I still play for fun til Gears 3. Add me if you still play Gears 1 and if you are going to buy Gears 3 too (hoping to start a clan for that game)!



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