Gears of War Games Ranked from Worst to Best

Slowly getting ready for Gears of War 1 Ultimate Edition & Gears of War 4, let's recap the franchise from my worst to best ones in my opinion:

- Gears of War Judgement (2013) = Reason: The installment was almost a complete trainwreck, it nearly destroyed the franchise for almost all of us. Already not being developed by Epic Games (Epic outsourced this to a Polish developer People Can Fly which later became known as Epic Games Poland), this one feared some Gears fans, but when it came out in June of 2013, it did it, it nearly killed the franchise. Horrible multiplayer, cliche & poor plot, mediocre weapon system, poor AI, several bugs & glitches, you name it. The only good thing this game has going for is the good graphics, that's it. People Can Fly should have just made Bulletstorm 2 instead of messing with Gears of War.

- Gears of War 2 (2008) = Reason: While the campaign is just as good as the first one, the multiplayer here is not that great with the exception of Horde mode. The graphics are improved a little from the first installment, the weapon system is pretty good, the plot is okay at best, but nonetheless still a very good game though.

- Gears of War 1 (2006/2015) = Reason: The game that started it all, while stolen from a obscure PS2/Xbox game KillSwitch, the cover system was really innovating here, the graphics are great (best looking Xbox 360 game back then), the campaign is superb, and the gameplay here is solid. The multiplayer is still not that great here. Who's ready for the Ultimate Edition of this game on Xbox One?

- Gears of War 3 (2011) = Reason: The near-perfect installment to the franchise, this was the last game in the series to be developed by Epic Games (even though People Can Fly is owned by Epic Games), and this was an awesome last hurrah from Epic Games. The campaign is superb to great, the graphics are awesome, the weapon system is great, and the multiplayer here is pretty good, but still kinda inferior to Halo's multiplayer. 

What's your rank from worst to best Gears games?


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Gears 2 - Barely remember it.

Gears 3 - Horde mode was extremely addictive.

Gears 1 - Best game with a friend.

From worst to best.....

4.) Gears of War Judgement.  I am not even going into it.  Solid game, but mediocre GoW

3.) Gears of War 3.  Everything was refined and better... Except its "darker feel".  Still a great game.  And it wasn't easy putting at 3.

2.) Gears of War.  The first installment was absolutely awesome.  

1.)  Gears of War 2.  It did everything 1 did, they just were able to refine, add and perfect.

Gears of War 2 is my personal favorite

I liked all the Gears games, with its over the top gameplay and story of the characters engaging in the Locust. That said, I had a personal favourite of the series.

Gears 3 - Althought a satifisying conclusion to the trilogy, I felt it being a step backwards from Gears 2, I'm not entirely sure what though. Too much Lambent on screen with the glowing yellow can be disorientating at times. Beast Mode was a fun addition, Horde Mode I didn't care much about.

Gears 1 - My first entry in the series, it had promise and it was enjoyable for me. Seeing the Locust and the bigger enemies for the first time brought chills in my stomach when approached, they were actually scary as the game depicted in a trailer for me. It had bugs tho, particuarlly in one sequence where you had to push a car and it wouldn't push. Multiplayer was brutal the first time and those weapon achievements are supposedly capped from Annex. (The only respawnable mode in Gears 1).

Gears Judgment - Underrated game to the community, don't know why. I liked it personally. The Declassified challenges scattered in the campaign made progressing it more intresting than before. The story did feel a bit out of place compared to its trilogy, but nice to see another perspetive in the world of Sera. The new multiplayer modes such as Free-for-All and Overrun are fun additions, changing the Gears dynamic. Not enough maps or people now to justify it enough now.

Gears 2 - the pinnacle of Gears yet. All the Locust that could appear on screen, more toys to play with and a proper matchmaking system from its predecessor. Cliffy B boasted that it would be "bigger, badder and more *** than ever", he was right. =D And the main two characters, you feel like there's a lot at stake here with them fighting.

Now I feel like playing Gears now, lol.

Edit: @bizarro, had you downloaded Judgment when it was free? And why does everybody hate that entry in the franchise so much?

2, 1, Judgment and 3. I only played the campaign on 2 and that was ok. 1 had a great campaign and fun MP. Judgment I put a lot of hours into MP, I loved it. 3 was the best though because it had downs and more game modes as well a better campaign, horde(put a ton more hours), beast was ok but overrun beats it.

Quite simple for me:

3 was the best due to everything being improved from two, the addition of buildable stuff in horde, beast mode, extremely fluent movement, weapon skins, campaign modifiers, heaps of characters with most notable being the Aussie Samantha Byrne. I could go on.

2 comes in second as it improved on everything from 1, horde mode being the most notable and best addition for me.

1 comes in last because it doesn't hold up when you're used to the newer ones, great for it's time and something truly different and amazing, but no horde and seriously robotic movement.

Judgement we shall never speak of.

No GX, I didn't get Judgement and from the sound of it, I'm glad I missed it.