Gears of War 3 Some Beta Problems

Well I have a capture card and decided to start recording for Gears 3 and see what i get. Well here it is, just some footage of stuff they might need to change for the retail.


Gears Of War 3 Beta Problems


Also, Since I was recording I decided to whip together a little montage.


Gears of War 3 Montage


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Gears 3 Problems

Gears 3 Montage

1) Nothing wrong with the stun

2) Lag will go when their servers are running the whole time

3) If you see a guy charging step to the side and not stand right in front of him!

4) If you get hit with a stun grenade you will be stunned AFTER it goes off for awhile.

5) Seems like you like to complain about things. You really need to read Epics interview where they are making fun of people like you! Why aren't you complaining about the huge reticle for the sniper, oh yea it is because You are killing them.

6) What good is a mortar without splash damage?

7) if you die by the SO then it is your own fault. Stay away from corners and don't rush in!

8) So if I pull the trigger and you pull the trigger at the same time only one of us should die? You sure do cry a lot!

I bet you send a lot of hate message to people!

PS: Montages suck! Nothing like people putting up random crap they did and thinking it was something special.

do you know how stupid you sound?

1) there is something wrong with the stun, literally me and another guy could take out a whole team. All i gotta do is throw the ink gernade as there leaving spawn and another gun put 2 bullets in each of em. Boom killed whole team.

2) Lag is just that needs to be fixed, you know that why even comment?

3) believe my r-tard, I know to avoid a charging noob. I just want to find the most efficient way to do so. And this video shows a glitch how he kills me even though I shot before he stuck me.

4) Wait so when somthing blows up you dont feel the affect right away? but a few seconds after. Valid point.(sarcasm)

5) and the sniper, I dont see anything wrong with it. If you dont know how to use it, dont pick it up.

6)and mortar wasnt he main issue in that clip, mostly the guy not dieing. and that mortar was a little extreme thats why when I died my camera jumped when I died.

7) People will start abusing the Sawed Off, its a fact. Just wait till retail.

8) Is that how it works?!?!?! no *** dumbass they should change it tho.



lmao and your only hating montages becasue you clearly suck at this game and could wish you do 1/3 of the stuff I do every match.


So for you Lord Dirt, you should be the one stop hating because I have a whole video of problems and you can't agree with one of them?


Whose the hater now?


The only problem in the video is the lag. The rest is you complaining.

agree 100% with lord dirt

You seem to hate a lot about GOW3. You should stick with GOW2

I think its fun,i will play for that reason and that reason only....why do you play?

wow you are one of the most nitpicky people have i ever seen complain about a game you complain about the smallest things lol, ppl screaming really? that bothers you that much? lol, get over urself dont make videos of problems you shouldve written an email wouldve taken alot less time and it wouldve actually been read by Epic, a woman at epic was given the job for the month to read emails about the beta, she read 50,000 emails, they dont care about ur video that you took too much time to make

^ that is harsh, constructive criticism about your video and your life, im not "hating"

and to quote yourself, do you know how stupid you sound for saying "do you know how stupid you sound?"

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