Gears of War 3 Season Pass

Right lets see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense.

Normally when you buy DLC, anyone who uses the first console you download it to can use the DLC, but only the account that paid for it can use it on a 2nd or 3rd console.  I get that.  With all my DLC I download it to one console (my Reach console for this problem)*.  I then re download the DLC to a 2nd console (my Gears console)*.  This allows my girlfriend and/or my brother to use the same dlc as me in multiplayer games, as long as they use the Reach console and I use the Gears console.  Try it yourself, it works.

Now, with the gears of war 3 season pass, I did what I normally do: Download to Reach console, download to Gears console.  No problems.  When the Horde Command pack came out, my nightmare began.  I went on the Reach console, downloaded the dlc via the in-game prompt, the switched to the Gears console.  But this time there was no prompt.  So instead I went into my account download history, and downloaded the HCP from there.  BUT when we tried to play gears that night we had some problems.

1. My brother and my girlfriend couldn't access the new maps or the new fortification on the Reach console.

2. None of us could access the new maps etc on the Gears console.

3. System link no longer works for ANY mode in gears 3, but works fine in other games (we tested using Forza 4 and Left for Dead 2).

4. The special weapon skin you get for downloading the season pass doesn't appear to any of us on either console (nb: I may be looking for the wrong skin, I've actually forgotten the name of this one)

Both consoles are connected to xbox live.  I've redownloaded the DLC (via download history) twice since the first time and still we have the same 4 problems.  None of the other DLC (Adam Fenix limited edition bonus, Aaron Griffin facebook bonus, Commando Dom preorder bonus+ one more I've forgotten) has stopped working, i.e. it functions as I described in the paragraph beginning with "normally"...

My girlfriend's account is silver, mine and my brothers are gold.  All 3 connect to XBL when we play, or try to play anyway.

So, any suggestions on what the problem might be and how to fix it?

Normally I'd say skip the plain obvious problems (such as having the right network setting for system link) but I think I can take it this time.  Like I say, system link works for at least 2 other games!

Also, if this exact same problem has already been asked I apologise, I've broken the most basic of forum rules and didn't check to see if it had already been brought up.

* Yes I own both a Reach limited edition console and a Gears 3 Limited edition console


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There's been some odd issues with Gears content specifically. Try deleting all the Gears DLC and all of the other profiles (or move to usb storage for safe keeping) download the content again, starting with the piece that started causing the issues.

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i too am having a problem as all dlc is supposed to work that way and season pass is no different they cannot tell me that a season pass works differently becouse it is still dlc the season pass as the call it is just marketing to get people to by the dlc their little gat term of subscription means nothing according to their rules becouse if i was not to get the season pass and only get one of the map packs it would still be dlc which it is becouse it is

anywho below is what i posted on another thread somewere else on the internet and other people are having the same problem

my problem is a little diferent but still has to do with gow3 dlc not working

only in my case it is working just not letting the purchaser leave while someone on xbox 2 is playing

wich piggybacks the purchaser all around multiplayer disrupting xbox live by insisting on the purchaser being in the game if a second profile is used


it is absolutly NOT illigali just got off the phone with xbox becouse im trying to share season pass with my son and its dlc and i do it with all dlc becouse i have 3 xboxs in my house with 4 accounts and we do this all the time in fact it was xbox customer service that told me to do it a year and a half ago

so you are allowed to share dlc you have a console lisence THE LISENCE ON THE CONSOLE YOU DOWNLOADED TO


you take the profile with the mobile lisence and put that profile on a flash drive and bring it to a different xbox

then you log into that profile with the mobile lisence onto that xbox you brought it to

then you put that controller on the floor and pretend it doesnt exist

then take a different controller and log into a different account and go play the dlc that the profile with the mobile lisence has

and this works with all dlc and xbox live is cool with it i even told them i do it in fact they told me how to do it

BUT this is what i dont get and i cant get an answer from xbox live they act like they are confused and dont know bout this problem i am having now which is

that with battlefield 3 back to karkland it didnt work but it worked with assasins creed revalations

but it kind of worked for gears of war 3 season pass meaning that------------->>>>>

i downloaded season pass gow3 with my 3 year old sons account onto my xbox with season pass and all dlc WITH ONLY MY 3 YEAR OLDS ACCOUNT LOGGED IN NO OTHER ACCOUNT IS LOGGED IN

put my 3 year old sons account onto a flashdrive

put that flashdrive onto my 7 year olds xbox

only signed in my 3 year olds account

downloaded season pass and all dlc onto my 7 year olds xbox with only my 3 year olds account logged in

i can play all dlc season pass and it dont matter who is logged in on my xbox BECOUSE I HAVE THE CONSOLE LISENCE

on my 7 year olds xbox he can play all dlc season pass as long as my 3 year old is logged in they can both play online together

AS LONG AS MY 3 YEAR OLD IS LOGGED IN BECOUSE THAT IS THE MOBILE LISENCE it is perfectly legal xbox knows about it becouse thats what its for becouse people have families or want to go to their friends house ITS PART OF THEIR BUSINESS ITS HOW THET MAKE MONEY

BUT--->>> go bake to --->>(((on my 7 year olds xbox he can play all dlc season pass as long as my 3 year old is logged in they can both play online together))))

-------------->MEANING BOTH ACCOUNTS ARE LOGGED IN AT THE SAME TIME BUT IF THE 3 YEAR OLD ACCOUNT IS LOGGED OUT THE 7 YEAR OLDS ACCOUNT CANNOT PLAY THE DLC THAT THE 3 YEAR OLD HAS<<--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ok this is the problem i am having with gears of war i can do this as with any other game but normally my 7 year old can play without the 3 year old as long as the 3 year old is logged in that is how it works normally

BUT with gow3 when the 3 year old logs in then the 7 year old logs in we put the 3 year olds controller down pick up the loged in 7 year olds controller and boot the game normally this is were the 3 year old stays on the dashboard but the 7 year old is in the game playing the 3 year olds dlc

but gears 3 puts both of them in the playlist and will not let the 3 year old leave so the 7 year old goes around multiplayer annoying everyone becouse he has the 3 year old in the game NOT PLAYING MESSING UP EVERYONES GAMEPLAY

i just got off the phone with xbox live and explained all this to them even talked to their supervisor and management about this they gave me a referance number and told my they would get back to me in 15 days

they will most likely *** me on my dlc by not taking the lisence from my 3 year old and giving me the lisence or fixing it like they should and letting my kids share it properly i know this

BUT-->> they cannot *** me any other way becouse its perfectly legal and they told me so

i came accross this thread trying to fix my problem and saw people arguing over sharing dlc anyway hope this helps somebody so had to post it

also my 3 year old dont play gears i just use his account to share dlc with my other xboxs

my 7 year old does though he has been playing since he was a baby on gears one its all he talks about is gears its funny as hell

i monitor his parties from our system link and go private match with him to help him practice and i dont let him win but lots of times he does we system link practice every day since he was a baby and since the first day gears one came out

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