Gears of War 3 Rank - medal and ribbon reset - achievements still there.

Hello, my Rank in gears of war 3 got reset today after the xbox freezed. Everything is gone. Is there a way that MS or epic set me back to december the 13th 2012?

:(((( Played minimum >600 Hours


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and this one, too for more detailed information:



Bottom line: Unless you have a back-up copy of your game file (on the cloud or flash drive) then you are pretty much screwed.  Microsoft and/or Epic will not do anything to get your status back.  Sorry for your loss.



Thanks for your response Iceman. Had no actual backup data - so i´ve lost a lot. Read in the forums about the whole problem at EPIC or MS with their programming abilities in their companies. Thinking over of cancelling my pre order Gears of War Judgement on Amazon - I assume that Judgement will be the same *** with different title - this time they switched from numbers 1 2 3 to Jugdement. Gears 1 was the best Gears - the other titles you got more and more aware of the fact that EPIC or MS is only packing the old game in a "new" Skin --> A facelifted Cashcow - the source code is exactly the same - DLC Map Packages - if you dont have it u can´t get the achievement - what a *** - Weapon skins - avatar items and so on.

They made achievements like Seriously 2.0 or 3.0 which are ridiculous.

I see "Judgement" coming: The same engine minimally polished - but you won´t recognize like you have not recognized the difference between gears 2 and 3 in multiplayer (== a cashcow - not woth the money) the faulty code stays the same and this time there are even more Mappacks/DLCs all available with a new season pass.

I think that its epics fault. Normally every company has backups - the player data file is not big - and why can´t they go back to my old player data file if i tell them "My xbox froze and then my rank reset - all ribbons and all onxy medals and weapon skins of the beta" - i´ve read that in some cases (also my case) when your player data gets resetted that you cannot earn certain achievemnts any more - you have to start from the beginning -and u can´t earn seriously 3.0 any more - because of the missing beta medal. They "try to fix this problem since over 6 months" - i can bet that they will not fix it until Judgement comes out maybe never.

Bottom Line:

I don´t wanna support epic any more if they do not support me.

I think for COD BF and Halo it is almost the same - maybe their system is better not corrupting and resetting the player data - heard not of it - but stepped out of these games a long time ago (never played BF; COD only to part 3 and Halo also only to part 3) - Halo 4 reminds me of the ranking system in gears of war - and i am not attracted to this - and also the invention of an season pass for DLCs - i don´t like such games where only the profit is focused and if you have a problem nothing is done.

OK i am out.