Gears of War 3 problem

I was playing GoW3 online with a friend of mine and I was level 89, 79% into 90, and I left a game for something and when I got back on it said I was level 1 again and all of my stats and rewards were gone. Even all of my stuff from the Beta. All I want to get my stats and stuff back. And also I still have the achievements saying I hit level 50 and such. What's going on?


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samething happened to my son last weekend, we were playing splitscreen and during the loading page, the one with marcus, i signed out of my profile and it erased all of my son's stats, after doing some research there is a known issue of this happening when you sign into or out of your profile during the loading screen...problem is the is no fix and sorry to say all your hard work is lost

It  is unfortunate.  I believe somewhere they said its an anti-cheating measure.  Not 100% but that is horrible.

Yeah if you sign out whilst playing gears it erases it all. Apparently the signing out thing is how you can 'hack' the achievements.