Gears of War 3 party option, stuck on local

Can someone help me with this glitch or whatever it is i was palying warzone with a guest and backed out then boom, couldnt change the party option it was stuck on local any suggestings?



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Try restarting your console. The only time it gets stuck on local is when a person is not a gold member.

Either you are not a gold member (if the account you posted with is the one experiencing the problem then this is not it) or you are banned from Gears matchmaking by Epic. This is their response if you glitch your rank or something like that.

I can now tell you why you are stuck on local gameplay. I glanced at your achievements for this game and it looks like you were able to unlock seriously 3.0 before you actually unlocked the level 5 achievement. Now you and I both know that's impossible. That tell you and I both that you modded or glitched your achievements for this game. So the reason is that you got caught cheating. For future references, please don't ask a question that you already know the answer to.

My apologies. The achievements I stated above were wrong. Your achievements do seem a little out of wack. Meaning some of the achievements were achieved offline. Oh well.

No no. He definitely glitched his achievements. For example, you cannot get "I Got This!" (kill 10 people as the leader in Guardian) offline as you can only play Guardian online. I also don't believe you can get the "War Supporter" achievement offline either (Onyx the Socialite medal - play in 30 gears events). I didn't bother going any further than that on his offline achievements...

I'm sure he won't be posting in this thread anyways.

lol pretty much every game hes modded his cheevos for.