Gears of war 3 not playing or installing

Hi just tried to install gears and it is saying the game is scratched or dirty. Not likely! All other games are playable and I can install them, is this down to the new formatted discs??

 I have returned the game twice this morning,,,arrrgg  

 Anybody else suffering from this??



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Nope. Hope you can get it sorted out sooner rather than later.

having the same issue here. seems to be slow reading the disc over all. and i think the games just bugged out on me now, a couple texture don't seem to have loaded at all, and don't seem to be geeting action prompts where i should

The game installed fine for me.  Try downloading it on a friends 360 if you can. If its doing it with just GoW3 maybe take the game back and get another copy.

could be an issue with your 360s...does it work with any of the other new compression technique games??

UPS dropped my copy off early this morning so I decided I would go ahead and install it to my HDD, well about 44%-45% through the install it says "Disc is dirty try cleaning it with a soft cloth. . . "  So I thought nothing of it, and decided to play straight off the disc for a bit.  I can get to the Main Menu and select options and what not, but when I try to start a campaign, horde, beast, and Multiplayer match (private also) I get terrible texture problems. Like everything is molded from clay. (characters, walls etc. . are just plain, no detail)  

I have a replacement copy on the way from Amazon, but you say this is the second time it has happened, then my expectations are running a bit low now. . .  Just Cause 2, Forza 3, Dead Island yada yada all work, I even installed a couple of them to make sure it was not my console.  But at this point I'm still scratching my head. . . . . .

So Gears of War 3 isn't compatible with White version Xbox 360's, this is the only thing I can think of.  If that is the case, I guess I will get a refund since I really don't see the point in buying a new console when nothing is wrong with the one I'm using.  . . . .

*shrugs shoulders*  Guess we will see if the newer copy I get Thursday works, I hope . . ..

my issues are on a 120gb Elite so it seems to be related to the older form consoles. i'm keeping an eye on the Epic forums also to see if there is any noise over there about it

Well I have been keeping an eye on the Gears of War 3 forums, only seems to be a certain few with this problem. But here is the link for the thread I found.!!!!!-Gears-3-disc-freezes!-(  It seems to be the only one I could find related to the topic, hope its something fixable with a patch, but I have yet to hear anything else. I will keep this tab open for a couple of days, maybe something good can pop up in here.

I'm having similar.  I have an old white xbox, pre falcon chip, no hdmi.  My install fails at 4% and tells me to try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth, but so far the game plays smoothly.  I'm about an hour into the campaign with no issues.  Have yet to try multi player.  I bought it through Amazon.  Think I should send it back as a bad disc, or just be happy that it seems to work and hope for a patch??

Well I did manage to get a hold of Amazon, since this is where I purchased the game.  They are sending me a replacement copy. Not sure if that will make a difference or not.  But I can boot the game up, start a campaign but the intro for Marcus in the very beginning of the game has very bad textures.  If I proceed down the narrow hall way to the door, I get a black screen, or white. followed by an infinite loading screen of Marcus.  Worth a shot to get a new copy if you can. I always try to install my games when I receive them, but this one is out of my hands.

If anyone has any info as to why this problem is occurring, or any info as to if the problem will be addressed could you please give us a heads up?  I have tried all day to fix this problem, seems there is nothing else to do besides sitting and waiting. .  .. . .

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