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I can not say for 100% this is the full proper list but i am pretty sure they are.




Blood Drive

Dry Dock




Old Town












So as you can see there is a total of 20 maps, 14 new maps and 6 old returning maps.

thank u

where did u get the info for the old returning maps? i seen all the other ones from leaked gameplay of the maps but havent heard anything about old maps returning other than gridlock.


apart from gridlock, im disappointed that Clock Tower is the only gears 1 map to come back! (not that i dont like clock tower, its the 1 map i really wanted back!) if this is actually the final list. but im sure they will have more gears 1 maps than this.

That list looks awesome!

Gridlock and Clocktower were amazing maps.

Now they need to add Process and Warmachine out of the box.

20 maps?  That is pretty good.  I would like to see more gow1 maps though.  War Machine, Canals, and Escalation would probably be my top 3.  Why is DayOne making a comeback?  That map was terrible.  Also, where are you getting this list from?

These were the maps listed on the leaked gameplay, although i have heared that no flashback maps will be on the disc and might not make it as a day one code either. so might have to wait for the returning maps, still 16 maps is more than gears 1 and 2 had at launch i think.

I'm happy to hear Clock tower is coming back as well as gridlock and from gears 2 jacinto, blood drive and river which were my favorites.

come on guys, we need to get out of the past here, its gears of war 3! are you gonna want war machine and canals in gears of war 4 and 5 too? im glad theres only 2...a couple gears 2 maps are good too, shows they didnt completely ditch the second game, im sure they tweaked them, glad theres a bunch of new maps too tho, if this is real and there really is gonna be like 20 maps, i will be very happy...and i dont doubt this, they want to please the fans