Gears of war 3 level 1 demote

I was on a few hours ago and I was lvl 59. I then turned off my xbox then came back and found out that I was dropped to level 1. I still have my achievements but lost all of my stats. Does anyone know what to do so I could get my stats back. My gamer tag is Ghost Freak1

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Sickner! You get it sorted?

That happened to me to , I was lvl 45. Then turned off my  Xbox now i am lvl1

i have play all of the gears and love them but i was level 94 in gears 3 and got demoted to level 1 for no reason whats with that???? my stats in the playlist have stayed so i and thinking that u might be having technical difficulties because 6 of my other friends got demoted a couple of ranks too. i hope u can fix this because i played for a very long time and had a lot of fun since the game came out :) my gamer tag is "shooter147live" hope u can help me :(

this is a very common problem with gears.

Don't play gears of war ever again; sell it on ebay.

Why does everyone say they got demoted? Your stats got deleted.

lololololol true dat.

So weird my stats are the same, i am still lvl 31, maybe that's because i have not gotten any of the add ons? :P