Gears of War 3 Horde Buddies


Really want to be able to have a good go at completing the full 50 waves of Horde on Gears 3, though also quite happy to pick up in the later stages of a game level 35 onwards, preferably either normal or casual difficulty, however happy to do hardcore if needs be.

Anyone who is likely to be involved in or looking at a Horde playthrough on friday evening please feel free to add me, its a great game mode just impossible to play a full 50 roaunds with a matchmade game, so any help getting to the full 50 would be much appreciated.

If you add me juts message me online so i know that you have done so, im on most nights at the moment so i look forward to seeing you online!

P.s. anyone up for some beast mode as well, completed it once and have never been able to get a match since


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i love playing horde, but its really anoying when people leave. iv only got to about wave 35, doing really well, fortifications up and everything and then everyone leaves one by one. i really want to get to wave 50. i usally play normal horde.

so add me for some horde :)

hi i'm a horde buddy

Done lvl 50 twice on insane i love horde FR i will be happy to play

Never completed would love to play with you

i'm on most nights around 11pm central time if this time works for anyone i'll help on any wave and any difficulty

Love playing Horde. I have yet to finish it, people always leave!

Add me, we can get a game going sometime.

Add me, im up for some horde, any difficulty, ive got too wave 30 so far, then peeps leave, so annoying

I like this website, so many posts and good advice. I'm from UK always up for Horde. Have just about played every map, and the furthest I've got is level 49, I immediately be-friended those people as they stuck out that long, usually people do ten levels and theyre gone. But we all had mikes and there was teamwork. Id say once your past level 25 it really helps to be communicating. I do not fortify until after level 10, before that I will only buy grenades and ammo. Would like to think the first 10 waves are pretty easy. Early forties is chaos, one piece of advise I learned on here, tickers must be dealt with early, one kills you after level 40. WOW!!!!