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How many people do you guys think are actually playing Gears 3 everyday.  I have been playing since launch day and the most people I have seen on at any particular time is 190,000.  Give or take a few thousand.  There were that many people playing Gears 2 months before the launch of Gears 3.  I heard the game sold 1 million copies on launch night alone, so can those figures be correct?


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I haven't really looked how many are online. Plus you would have to add up all the gamers playing each game mode and the ones not in online matchmaking. Si it would be a lot more than 190k.

No, remember to look at the numbers playing Campaign and Arcade - there's usually over 300,000 in those two alone.  Many folks are likely trying to get all of their Campaign/Arcade achievements and medals Onyx'd before focusing solely on multiplayer - since it will take much longer.