Gears of War 3 Epic Edition Retro Lancer Bundle

Is this a Gamestop exclusive offer? Dont see Best Buy or Amazon offering this bundle.


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I think it is an exclusive for gamestop in the US. And then you have for the UK. I honestly don't see best buy offering it, but sooner or later amazon will, not real sure.

The replica Retro seems to be a Gamestop exclusive in the US.  The bundle is only available online, but you can preorder the Retro in store too.  You'll have to put down $25 and it will be $100 total so $250 with the Epic Edition.  It's $230 online, but I've heard that the shipping will be about $20 anyway so you're really not saving anything.

I cannot find the bundle anywhere now. I thought i pre ordered it but must not have. And gamestop had no recollection of it :(

Way to bring back an old thread..



Give it time you'll be able to find them at gamestop in the store and sooner or later they will show up on Amazon.

It wasn't that old.

I've brought up way older. lol

After a certain point gamestop I know stopped selling the retro lancer pre orders, and I dount they'll have them back in the store anytime soon, but im sure amazon or ebay or one of those sites will have it, or you can ask someone you know if theyd sell it to you (which they would have to be out of their mind to do!!!)