Gears of War 3 Cog Codes

These are the 1's I've found so far....

 Locust Drone 3D Poster -GTA7EHJQK2Z6 

 3D Poster Of Augustus Cole -COG-Y6MJCGZA8N7V .... (This 1 is not working 4 me... Not sure if you'll have luck W/ it)

COG Locker Wallpaper -Q94RGYWVXE8T

Gears 3 Messenger Icons -Y6MJCGZA8N7V

Submarine Vehicle Certificate -2UTHRY4M3CPG

8DWBA9ZTEJ7V – Carmine’s Tattoo Pattern

A68GCEQZMFBK – Cole Train 3D Poster




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noone else has found any others?

Where else can I find codes?

I would love to know whats with all the 3D crap anyway, some of these posters are nice but putting them in 3D ruins them, i mean does anyone use 3D wallpapers?

Oh yay.  We still have people that can't read the front page.

they are hidden in video's email's site's and even in real locations. Does this mean its like last year where they made real cog tags and put them around the world i was lucky enough to get one :)

what sites did you find the codes on???

go to i have been using this page and they currently have 43 codes. One code is emailed only to a different region so I currently have 42.

I don't see anything special about these? And why people make a repost about it.