Gears of War 3 Beta Retail Unlock Question

Do I need to have my player data from the beta for my retail items to unlock when I play the full game or are they associated with my gamer tag, because I am getting a new console soon and I won't have any of my old saves.


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I heard that you have to get a certain amount of kills with them and what not.


Someone Verify or Clear it up?

You lost brother?

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I just had the screen freeze problem on my hard drive and it was replaced b/c it was under warranty. So there is no way that EPIC saved any of the information. Unbelievable. I wouldn't have ever erased that data but that was completely out of my hands. Just some stupid skins but wow. I am pretty pissed off about this. I was totally looking forward to showing off my unlocks. LOL sheesh

[/quote]Point proven. 

Wow this is so lame. I haven't been on the boards in forever and had no idea you had to keep you save file. I only have a 20gig xbox so I am not very happy that I don't get anything from the beta. Way to let me down epic

agreed, pretty lame epic

Just be safe and don't delete it.

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I should've figured - They won't even take responsibility for the Gnasher's inconsistency, let alone storing unlocks server side. They're gonna get it come Sept. 20 from people who expected them to keep it.


It's not that hard to just not delete it.  Why delete it anyways? 

It's not a big deal.


I'm speaking for others, actually; the people who don't follow Rod Fergusson on Twitter 24 hours a day that might need a little bit of hard drive space for something other than a beta that they don't play anymore. Now I know not to delete it, but what about those people? They're going to be pissed at Epic, and quite frankly I don't blame them one bit.

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Not sure if this will link right but its just the first news post on the official gears website:

Quote: "If you want to hang on to any of your retail unlocks earned during the Beta, please do not delete your Gears 3 Beta saved games—you can delete the Beta executable itself, but hang on to those saves!"

It would be preferable if they saved that data on their end but at least they are giving you cool stuff.



lol, yup...exactly what the link I posted above you said!



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It's not the memory I care about, it's that I might get a new console, but thank you now I know I need the save, will I be able to delete the beta save after I play the full retail version though?




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