Gears Of War 3 Beta Items

none of my unlocked items from the beta were transferred to the game. Dose anyone know how its done?


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I don't have the game yet but I'd presume it's auto-imported?

Did you keep the save file after the BETA ended? If you deleted that I think you'll have lost your beta items.

yeah what NGM said, I hope you kept the files from the BETA.

I saved my beta game save and i have all my unlockables?

Yea I still have my beta save also but have only gotten my gold retro lancer. My cole train and flaming weapons haven't unlocked yet.

You have to back out to the dashboard and restart the game.  Same thing happened to me.

Thanks DutRank!

DutRank to the rescue!!!!!!

I deleted all my beta saves like an idiot. But I still have the gold plated retro unlocked.

I'm very confused

soon as i started to play everything unlocked

For some reason i have every beta item unlocked BUT the golden retro.  Anyone else have this problem?