Gears of War 3 Achievment Progression and collectables lost after Recovering?

Hello Xbox Forums and Gears fans,

I recently encountered a problem. When i went to my friends house i recovered my Gamertag there. I wanted to see if i had my mutators on my friends xbox. I did but i notice the collectables Arnt there. I cared less cause i thought it was on the file saved in my xbox. I went back home recovered and i found out every progression From achievment were lost and collectables were lost. Even the campaign Was lost. I have to restart Campaign to unlock Insane and now i have to get all the Collectables again to finish the achievment. I was wondering if there is a way i can get it back. if i have to restart i will do but this cant happend again. Please fix and resolve this issue thanks

- XxxShodamxxX957 



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Ditto - I got logged out mid game - A D/C from xbox live - upon logging back in I lost my campaign progress (Insane complete) - all collectables etc - the achievements that I got are coming up 'again' as if I havent done them - also showed me as back to level 1 for a few minutes then reset itself back to my true level - I already got achievement for collecting all the collecables so not gonna do them again- any ideas to get this working as it should would be nice ;)

why did you even recover when you got back home..... if you already have you're profile there. the collectibles are save dependent. you probably deleted the profile and its contents when you were asked to do so the progress is gone.

That seems to happen alot to people when they recover their GT on someone elses Xbox.