Gears of War 2

I've recently had my status reset to nothing and don't know why or how.  I was ranked somewhere in the high 50s and had at least 950 matches towards the "Party like it's 1999" achievement.  Now, the achievements that I had already earned are still in place, but it's racking up the score as if they weren't, and the 1999 match thing was reset to zero.  Also I'm constantly being removed by hosts, like 1 outta every 3 matches.  Who is the host, one of the players?  An unseen entity?  Why do hosts remove players?  If one of the players is the host, how do I host a match?  I sure don't see the option for it.  If someone knows a way to recover my stats, that would be wizard.


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I got my level reset once but not my achievemnt progress, at least not yet

Unfortunately there is no way to recover it. Thankfully i didn't have my world rank reset. But i have been reset from 100 twice. They say if you sign in on a gears loading screen, you might be reset. Otherwise, you're *** out of luck...