Gears of War 1 Servers going down???

I just heard on live that the GOW1 servers are going down when the servers for GOW3 launch!!! Someone, anyone please tell me this is not true!!!!????


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Just discovered my copy has been unfortunately liberated from me.  Going to pick up a replacement, but hopefully the servers are still up.

servers r still up...gears runs off a i dont think there will be a problem...

Do People still play this, i just bought it off seen as it`s the only 1 i aint got :)

I just started playing it again was fun till i got kicked by the host for i guess killing him or his friend

Gears of War one is a classic Man, I play 1, 2 and soon I will open 3 and play it.

Where are the people who play a multiplayer campaign or even a scene or two from an act, without freaking out?

I would like to host the last act / scene and kill RAAM on Hardcore, and most especially Insane mode.

Then on to some long campaigns soooon.

"Happy Hunting"

Gears of War 1,2,3 will never die, even MarioBros is still alive, and that was Wayyyyyyyyyy back when?!

Are you asking if people still play gears of war 1, YES they do. Its is a classic!

Say it aint so? I just upgrade my xbox 360 to a live account so I can multiplay gears 1 and 2 in multiplayer hardcore, and Insane mode campaigns.!?!