Gears of War 1 Seriously Glitch Consequences

I am creating this thread to ask some important questions about a large but potentially justifiable issue with Gears of War 1.

I assume the Support staff are aware of this issue and I would like an opinion more than a "ruling", as this is something that really bothers me.

This is about unlocking Seriously via the "Sign-in" Glitch and why I believe it raises a valid ethical dilemma.

Firstly, let me list the problems with Seriously :

- It is glitched as an Achievement, it never unlocks when it should and it always takes a ridiculous amount of time to unlock "legitimately".

- 400 hours is not a reasonable amount of time to ask anyone to play for in order to earn this Achievement. I'd be lucky to get this kind of spare time across 6 months, let alone the "about a month" of grinding I'm supposed to do.

I empathise with those people who have put in the genuine amount of hours necessary to unlock this "legit" and feel like those who unlock it via more "underhanded" means are devaluing the accomplishment, but there are lots of games like this. Take Rainbow Six Vegas with it's Best of the Best Achievement and those endless Realistic, High Density Terrorist Hunts on LVU Campus for 600XP per successful run. Or let's take Kane & Lynch : Dead Men with it's "brilliant" 0G Leaderboard Achievements. Better yet, let's just go for the big one, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter with their odd numbered and grossly unfair Leaderboard Achievements. All of these games take hundreds of hours to finish, all of them are unfair and all of them are "glitchy" to varying degrees. Why do I mention this? Because it's bad enough asking people to play for hundreds of hours, but there are tons of people who glitch max rank Achievements whether they are for Aliens Vs Predator, R6V, Gears 1 & 2. Out of all of these people, some get Gamerscore reset, most don't.

I raise this as an issue because I believe that no-one should be penalised for doing so. I would like to make a note right here that I am not condoning "gamesaving" or modding of any sort.

This is a dilemma for me, because I really want to glitch it, but I dare not, so I'm appealing for clarity about this for the benefit of all gamers.

I'll boil this down for the official response. Seriously, and many Achievements like it, are essentially broken/extremely glitchy. Unlike R6V or AvP, Epic have done nothing to fix this in any way. Some people have earned over 30000 kills with still no Seriously Achievement. Most people do not have the time to invest in what is a combination of poor design and carelessness with no notable effort to make amends to those legions of Gears of War fans.

What I want to achieve from this thread is a clear cut, honest and fair resolution to this whole tangled mess. In my eyes there are 3 options :

-1 : Epic must fix/patch Seriously to unlock at 10000 kills and Annex kills must also count.

-2 : Remove Seriously as an Achievement from the game.

-3 : Give everyone who glitches it a pass based upon extenuating circumstances (ie the Achievement doesn't work how it's supposed to).

Just to clarify, I do not condone glitching the other 1200G from Gears 1, I do not condone gamesaving or modding of any kind and I do not support, in any way, cheating to gain an advantage in adversarial Multiplayer games.

I don't mind who answers this thread as long as it's official (AceyBongos, Stepto etc).

Thank you for taking the time to read my "epic" post and I hope this issue is resolved.


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(1) You have been totally unhelpful.

(2) You evidently can't read.

(3) Go and troll someone else.

[quote user="OleMissRebel10"]

Anyone that claims 30,000, is so full of ***, or they don't know what they are doing.

[/quote]I'm half way there and I wasn't aware of the fact I was supposed to do anything other than simply play the game.

It's just a game and the achievement doesn't offer anything more than proof of the grind OP talked about. Enjoy the game or move on. You're just being stupid if you put time into getting achievements instead of playing the game itself and having fun.

P.S. I got Seriously... twice, first on my old account that wife took over and then on this one, But I only got it because I loved Gears1 multiplayer and played it right up until Gears3 took everyone away.

It's stupid. i have over 20,000 kills and still no seriously achievement. But i love the multiplayer so i'll continue to play. Oh and everybody found out how stupid gears3 was compared to gears1 that everybody is coming back. they've even brought back gamebattles for gears1.

I think the achievement system has been conceptualized problematically on Microsoft's side of things. Imposing limits on the amount of achievements a developer can include in a game or the total max gamer score a player can get out of it have no bearing whatsoever on the time it takes to complete it or the skill level required. If anything, the system devalues what a total gamer score signifies, as Avatar's 2-minute 1000G stacks equally to the 200 hrs. Gears 1 takes with boosting.

Stricter standards on the more critical elements of TIME and SKILL would actually boost profits in general, as completionists such as myself wind up purchasing and playing fewer games in order to complete the ones we already have. And the most insulting element of this flawed system is the total % of achievements completed across your entire library of played games - this means that every game you play for even 5 minutes will reduce your percentage of completion until you invest significant time in getting the score back up. You want to try out 3 game rentals to see which one to buy? Be prepared to have 3 games at 0-2% forever recorded on your game history. This has encouraged me, after numerous missteps like downloading the *** con that is Game Room, to study sites like before even inserting a game disc to see if the achievements are manageable and fair. They often are not.

Systems like the one found in Halo: Reach work best: independent in-game rewards and tiers for ultra-hardcore players with a perfectly manageable achievement set for more general players. This is the perfect system.

And here's another idea for Microsoft: give gamers the ability to erase progress on a game. Personally, I'd much rather sacrifice 20-30 or even 200 Gamerscore on a game I don't like than being forced to either keep the low progress or continue trudging through the game.

Sorry PointyHeadFace, I know that was a rant and not really of any help to you. I don't think you'll get an official answer because it will force Microsoft or EPIC to own up to certain things they'd rather ignore. They can't make blanket statements either, since they cannot catch everybody and they won't tell you it's okay. However, I think your Gamerscore will MOST LIKELY stay safe. I don't see much of an ethical difference between glitching and boosting beyond the time investment needed - in either method, you're not playing in the intended fashion and therefore not truly earning the achievement. That having been said, working around the network infrastructure to unlock achievements seems more like a kick in their balls and probably more generally frowned upon. If I had to guess, I'd say they base it on frequency of occurrence - if your idea is to glitch numerous games and get your total score up, you'd be more noticeable than a guy just trying to 100% one game and move on. Likewise, I suspect the more achievements in Gears you have already unlocked legitimately, the less will unlock at the same time, reducing the suspicious-looking list of achievements all date-stamped on the same day.

Option B: find people you wouldn't mind spending 160 hours with and make it less about work and more about talking and hanging out. It sounds stupid, but I found that drinking beers and talking about life with people you actually connect with make boosting long games far less grueling. I've never boosted any achievement requiring more than 30 hours though. This would be like 5 of those games. Ugh. Personally, I doubt I'd ever boost for this long. You could spend 160 hours playing 8 other games instead.

I totally agree with PointyHeadFace. This dilemma revolving the seriously glitch has suicidal frustration among those Gears of War gamers who have possessed over 10 thousand kills. It's so unprofessional the ignorance EPIC illustrates by not fixing this posture. I'm at 23 thousand kills and I still have no seriously.

It should unlock around 12,000 kills.

Reaon for this is because if you play off-host, the kills dont trigger the achievement on 10,000, just like when you shoot off host the lag means you dont get an instant shot.

If you hosted every match and got 10,000 kills you would get it on the dot or even before, around 9,600 kills.

This achievement is beyond ridiculous! I've boosted more than 150 hours on this game and it's just a god damn grinder! I am from Australia and our internet isn't as good as you "American's" and it is extremely hard to set boosting sessions and get a group to start up. I am a completionist and I honestly speak on behalf of Australians or other gamers who have a hard time with this dreadful achievement. I have better games to play like cod and battlefield and other fps's that I love, I'm fine grinding gears 3 achievements because it feels like an accomplishment but gears1 seriously is just a bloody joke. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ACHIEVEMENT! I'm sick off it!


(1) This game is six years can forget about any help with your imaginary problem.

(2)  Quit trying to justify cheating.

3)   Your post is and was a complete waste of bandwidth.

I've already earned the achievement with over 16,000 kills yet it still hasn't given me it. I've considered glitching it, but figure it's gotta be close to unlocking now so I keep hopping on every now and then to add a few more kills on. The worst is when a friend gets online right as I complete a match and I think I've finally unlocked it.

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