Gears of War 1, 2 and 3 Storyline - My Theory

First the grand theory. Man is all powerful he builds cities controls the world and imulsion. Man fights himself primarily over imulsion. Man however gets sick if he gets too close to imulsion (Or irradiated whatever you want to call it). Man creates race of super imulsion miners that are more resistant, AKA the locust. Locust build cities underground and happily mine imulsion. Locust keep digging further down. Locust that have gone the furthest down become warped (AKA Lambent) maybe they discover some other power deep in the center of the earth. Lambent locust turn on the normal locust and say "*** you guys we are taking over". Normal locust say "*** you humanity we aint dieing down here for you, we're coming up to the surface to take over and drown the lambent". Lucust come up during E-Day kick humanities @@@.

Now to support my theory. First things first the games have made many hints that it's all about imulsion, this was hinted in gears 1 then it took a huge step forward in gears 2 when the collectable messages emphasized how important imulsion was, how the prices were raised during the war and one even hinted of a conspiracy theory for it (Kind of like our own world and oil). Also it was also pretty clear that the locust were man made, again this was reinforced with the lab level that was mysteriously "Declassified" and it's also pretty clear that Marcus's father was probably on the project as quoted by the locust queen saying "It's a shame you didn't follow in your fathers footsteps" and at the end of the credits he's alive and says "What have you done!" after you destroy the normal locust cities.

The last bit comes from a leaked script for the gears of war movie. It existed on the internet for a brief time about a year and a half ago and really explained a lot about what happened just before and during E-Day (It was a really good script and some scenes will be incredibly powerful if done right). Marcus's father was in the movie script and just before E-Day he was getting strange activities from the underground areas. One of the scenes had him trying to go underground to get some more data and talk to key people but the security guard was giving him a tough time saying "No one is allowed underground! Ever" which seemed kind of odd but why wouldn't you want people to see what was going on underground? If you created a race of supper miner slaves! That's why! Eventually the military called for Marcus's fathers help and started showing him videos of strange things that were happening underground because he was an expert in that area. Most likely because he was on the project and it would also make sense as to why he had all the locust tunnels mapped out in his home computers as per gears of war 1. Also it is my thought that the Queen Myrah was also a part of this project as in Gears 2 one of the collectables states a women named Ruth (Myrah's real name) was being experemented on in the classified facility and i beleive that she escaped to the locust hollow and then somehow became Queen and for what the humans did to her gained control over the locusts letting them beleive she wanted to help them when really all she wanted was revenge upon humanity which is quite obvious as you can see the attitude she displays to all humans.

Gears of War 1 beigns...

The game’s plot begins fourteen years after Emergence Day. Marcus Fenix, a former COG soldier, is reinstated into the military after spending four years in prison for abandoning his military post in order to make a vain attempt to save his father, Adam Fenix. Dominic Santiago successfully extracts Fenix from the prison, and takes him to meet Delta Squad. The group seeks to obtain the "resonator", a device that will map "The Hollow", the underground caverns which the Locust inhabit and later deploy the "Lightmass Bomb", which will destroy the heart of the Locust forces. Fenix and his allies recover the device, but suffer multiple casualties in the process. Amidst the chaos, Fenix leads the remaining soldiers through the ruins of Sera, to a mining facility, and finally into the planet’s depths. Delta Squad successfully denotes the resonator, but the device fails to map entire tunnel network. Fortunately, they discover a larger map of the network that originates from Fenix’s old home, specifically his father’s laboratory. The group ventures to the Fenix estate at East Barricade Academy, where Fenix originally attempted to rescue his father. When they arrive, Delta encounters heavy Locust resistance. After collecting the data, the group fights their way past Locust forces and boards a train carrying the Lightmass Bomb. Fenix and Santiago battle their way through the train, and defeat General RAAM, before finally uploading the data. Fully activated, the Lightmass Bomb launches into the Hollow, and eradicates the Locust tunnel networks. In the game's final sequence, Hoffman delivers a victory speech as the tunnels collapse and explode, whereupon the voice of the Locust Queen promises that the Locust will keep on fighting, and will not stop.

Gears of War 2 begins...

Taking place six months after Lightmass bombing at the end of the first game, the Locust Horde has survived and has renewed their war on Humanity, and through unknown means begun to sink entire Human cities. With the COG army continuing to lose large numbers to Locust raids, the COG plan a counter-attack against the Locust by sending troops in Grindlifts deep below the surface to attack the home of the Locust, the Hollow. Sending a large **** force through the mountains to the settlement of Landown, the COG take heavy losses from Locust opposition but make it to their destination. As they prepare to use the lifts to enter the Hollow they are driven back by a counter attack led by the Locust armies' new leader Skorge. Undeterred, the human forces continue their plan. After their descent, Delta squad, consisting of Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago and Benjamin Carmine, continues to search the Hollow and discovers that the Locust are using a giant Riftworm to sink the human occupied cities. as they watch it sink Liima City, they also realize that the Locust plan to have it eat away at the rock structures at the outskirts of Jacinto in hopes of sinking it into the ground.

Exploring the sink hole, Delta Squad is ambushed by Locust and rescued by Augustus Cole. As they search for Damon Baird the squad discovers that the Locust have begun taking prisoners and taking them deeper into the hollow, with unknown intentions, after a quick search they find and free Baird. Boarding the Locust prison barges, Delta Squad finds another imprisoned squad member, Tai Kaliso, who has suffered wounds inflicted by Locust torture. Though Marcus tries to arm Tai for a fight, Tai instead commits suicide, the physical and emotional trauma was too much for him to bear. As the squad tries to be extracted by a King Raven Gunship, they are swallowed by the Riftworm. Inside the squad quickly plans to escape, but a plan by Marcus sets the squad to destroy the worm's heart to kill it. Inside, Carmine is mauled and eaten alive by monstrous parasites, having been separated from the rest of Delta. After destroying the worm's heart, the squad is irritatedto discover that the worm is survived by not just one heart but three—they nonetheless locate and destroy the remaining two, effectively killing the worm.

Delta squad narrowly escapes being drowned in the creature's blood by cutting their way out to the surface only to be given orders by Hoffman to investigate a nearby abandoned COG outpost where they encounter experimented creatures of unknown origin and learn of a back door entrance to the Hollow in the nearby Kadar Mountains. The team fights its way to the caverns in a Centaur tank and discovers that some Stranded have taken shelter near the entrance. Marcus orders Cole and Baird to evacuate the Stranded while he and Dom search further. They find more prisoner cages and Dom convinces Marcus that Maria must be inside one of them. They manage to find her, but the Locust imprisonment has left her too traumatized and unable to communicate, so Dom reluctantly chooses to euthanize her. Marcus and Dominic then disguise themselves as Theron Guards and continue their infiltration of Nexus, the Locust capital, where, they encounter and free a captive Franklin Tsoko, and later use Jack (the squad's utility robot) to signal for COG forces from the surface, who quickly join them, including Cole and Baird.

Inside Delta squad discovers that the Locust are locked in a civil war between the normal Locust and the "lambent," who have been exposed to Imulsion, and seek to over throw the queen, explaining the Locust's desperation to get to the surface to escape the overwhelming Lambent. Inside the Locust palace they discover that the Locust have messages from Adam Fenix, Marcus' father, that suggests an alternate way of ending the war, in case they can't take out the queen; to sink Jacinto in order to let sea water flood the Hollow and wipe out the Locust. They learn from the Locust queen herself that she is pursuing the same plan not only to wipe out the humans, but to also destroy lambent. After a face to face meeting with the queen, and a face off against Skorge, the queen escapes on a Reaver. Marcus realizes that humans must sink Jacinto first, before the Locust mobilize and escape to the surface.

Delta squad escapes the Hollow on a pair of Reavers, defeating Skorge and his Hydra, and then return to Jacinto where a mass evacuation is underway. The COG have decided that they can sink Jacinto using a Lightmass bomb and Delta squad is ordered to clear debris out of the way in the main sink hole, allowing a helicopter to safely transport the bomb into the caverns. Marcus orders Cole and Baird to assist with the bomb, while he and Dom manage to kill a Brumak driver, hijack the Brumak, and use it to arrive at the Hollow and fulfill their objective. As the helicopters arrive, the Brumak, exposed to high levels of Imulsion, begins to mutate. As it changes, it attacks the helicopter transporting the bomb, which falls into the Imulsion. With the Lightmass bomb lost, Marcus comes up with a plan that includes killing the lambent Brumak, as lambent explode upon death, as a replacement for the bomb. He uses the Hammer of Dawn to kill the Brumak, which explodes, taking out the last supporting structures of Jacinto, flooding the Hollow with water. As the COG forces and civilians evacuate, a voiceover of the Locust queen talks about unintended legacies. After the credits, a last voice over of Adam Fenix is heard, a radio transmission of a call for help, and a cry of desperation, revealing he is still alive.


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Gears of War 3 begins...

Taking place two years since Jacinto was flooded, the human survivors have moved to the island of Vectes to rebuild. After a generally quiet period, the Imulsion infected Lambent began to emerge from underground. Hiding something, the COG head of state, Chairman Prescott, abandoned the COG eighteen months prior. Now leaderless and being forced off the island, the COG disbands and separates to the safest places left. Victor Hoffman takes some survivors to Anvil Gate while Delta squad sets off on a Raven's Nest Class carrier, the CNV Sovereign, with the remaining humans to avoid further Lambent incursion.

While Augustus Cole and his squad look for supplies from the ruins of his hometown, Chairman Prescott arrives on the Sovereign, providing Marcus with a data disc that shows his father, the scientist Adam Fenix, is still alive. The ship is soon attacked by a Lambent Leviathan; Marcus and his team try to defend the ship, luring the creature into a trap set by Baird at a nearby bridge. Though the Leviathan is destroyed, the ship is also lost. After Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Carmine and Sam reunite, Anya contacts Marcus saying that Jace is with her and that Prescott is wounded. They make it to Prescott, who is mortally wounded from the destruction of the ship. Prescott discloses Adam's location to Marcus, Azura, and then dies of his wounds. Leaving some of his Gears to help the survivors, Marcus, Cole, Dom, and Baird take off towards Anvil Base, where they have the equipment to decode the key, while Anya and the rest care for wounded.

The Gears are forced to travel across Locust-controlled bases, and the Locust Queen, Myrrah, alerts all her troops in their path to the team approach. Marcus and his team eventually hijack a Locust gas barge to travel by air, stopping to help and rescue Dizzy, a skilled mechanic and driver. They arrive at Anvil Gate and help Hoffman defend against a Locust onslaught. Afterwards, they review the encrypted key to find the location of Azura but discover it is protected by a man-made Maelstrom, an artificial hurricane preventing arrival by air or on sea. Hoffman notes the location of a submarine in the ruins of Char, a nearby city, but they will need fuel. Dom suggests traveling to Mercy, where an Imulsion filling station is located — coincidentally, also the home of his dead wife Maria.

At Mercy, the Gears discover humans that have become Lambent from Imulsion poisoning, and fear the infection may spread. As they are surrounded by Lambent forces, Dom finds a truck and drives it through a tunnel and back into the tanker, which kills Dom and all hostile forces. The squad is able to escape but lose their fuel in the process of Dom's death. Turning to Char, they come across Stranded, led by Griffin, who have come to despise the COG due to Char being one of the first chosen cities in the Hammer of Dawn counter-strikes. Griffin holds Dizzy hostage to force the Gears to return a supply of Imulsion from a nearby building; when they return, Myrrah and the Locust have attacked the tower. The Gears escape with Dizzy, while Griffin vows to get revenge for the deaths of the Stranded. Eventually, the team makes their way to the naval base, where the submarine is located. After repairing and refuelling it, they set off for Azura.

After slipping under the Maelstrom, they find Azura is fashioned as a large resort. As they fight off the Locust that are also trying to get to Adam, the team deduce that Prescott had knowledge that Emergence Day was coming, as he had ordered the construction of Azura and brought the world's elite to it prior to the appearance of the Locust. Adam is able to contact the team via the security cameras on the island, and explains he has a cure to stop the Lambent but needs the Gears help to execute it. Marcus and his team fight through the Locust to shut down the Maelstrom generator with Adam's instructions, allowing Baird, Cole and Carmine to arrive together with the remnants of the COG and UIR to provide air and ground support. Baird and Cole reunite with Delta and Baird asks about Dom and Dizzy. Marcus says Dizzy's taking the submarine offshore and that Dom didn't make it. As Lambent forces start appearing on the island, the Gears make their way to a hotel where Adam is being kept. En route, they face Myrrah, who reveals that Adam had been working with her for twenty years and refuses to let them help him complete his plan. After dispatching Myrrah, the squad reaches Adam's room. After a brief reunion and hearing news about the death of Dom, Adam explains that Imulsion is a parasite, adapting itself to both Locust and human bodies to create the Lambent, and it is evolving quickly, threatening to destroy Sera. Adam has developed an energy wave that, like a neutron bomb, will only destroy cells infected by Imulsion. Though this will kill the Lambent, it will also kill the Locust troops; Adam had been in contact with Myrrah to try to stave off the effects on the Locust and to discover a cure that would not harm them, but could not find it in time.

Marcus and his squad escort Adam to the roof of the hotel where the energy generator for his cure sits, which he powers up. The team defends against Myrrah's attack. Carmine, fighting Myrrah from a Raven, is shot down off the tower, presumably killing him. Adam gives the Hammer of Dawn to the squad and the squad uses the Hammer on Myrrah, causing her to crash. Before the machine reaches full power, Baird asks how Adam tested the machine and he revels he tested it on himself because he injected himself with Imulsion to find out how it reproduced. As Adam begins to turn lambent, He tells Marcus he was glad to see him again and to go live his life for him. Adam then dies due to the Imulsion, turning him into ashes. Myrrah, still alive from the last attack, explains Adam's plans and blames Marcus for what Adam failed to do. Enraged, Marcus kills Myrrah by stabing her in the chest with Dom's knife. As Marcus stares at Myrrah's blood on the knife, the machine reaches its final stage which sends an energy pulse sweeping throughout Sera, wiping out both the locust and lambent, ending the war.

The scene changes to show a COG's helmet on the ground, where it is subsequently picked up and put on by Carmine — showing that he survived the attack. The Gears celebrate the Locust's defeat while Marcus mourns Dom and Adam. Anya reminds Marcus that because of Adam, they have a tomorrow. She then takes his hand, puts her head on his shoulder, and with the other Gears looking onward, they all stare into the horizon.

Hope that sheds a little light on things :)

With thanks to for providing a lot of information :)

You like how the GoW 3 DLC Campaign doesn't add up?

I know, it's hard to put everything in perspective but i'm looking at it more so now that the writer just went through adding things that they wanted to along the way and never really put much consideration into the reasons behind everything. Hene the reason why Cliffy B says they arn't going to answer every question because it seems with a lot of stuff they dont really know the answers themselves.

True, but the COGs in the dlc should have retro lancers and the cities should not be getting hit by the Hammers of Dawn yet either. Plus why do they have so many Silverbacks early on and none later until 3? Why are their locust shooting out of the ground like in 3 intead of emergence holes? Many plot holes in a 2-3 hour dlc campaign.

Someone get me to come back to GoW.   Please.

Come back and play the dlc

While there are some holes in the DLC.

1. The COG may have had the normal lancer (with chainsaw) by the time of the DLC. In the book Cole Train is issued one which he is using on guard duty before the hammer strikes take place

2. As for the ahmmer strikes on the cities, that could simply be the cog figuring if they did not use them they would loose the battle. Not like they just blasting the city, they are tring to pin point the targets.

3. The locust come out of holes as well as shot from the gorund. Maybe the locust have two methods (1. a hole for a big rush of locut to run through, 2. many single holes for a surprise attack)

4. Delta team may not have been near to many silverbacks until part 3. By the time part 3 begins the cog (what was left of it) lived on a single island. This means all the resources the cog had (coudl move) where there to. Till then the cog still was spread out and Delta being a front line unit probably did not want to travel with a big (heavy) slow moving walker, nor would the government want to risk such a platform by placing it with a unit that more than likely would need to leave it behind.

Just my thoughts but like IceGrip96 said, it would be impossible to answer every little detail

1) The DLC is based right after E-Day and the chainsaw lancer was not invented until years later after they found out the retro lancer would not pierce the skins of locust without running ahead of time. So it still would figure that Z Squad would not be outfitted with chainsaw lancers and locust would not have them as well.

2) I will let that one slide I guess

3) No, it clearly stats why they do it in 3 so for them to do it in this DLC does not fit

4) yet they just happen to randomly have two aboard their old makeshift boat in 3?

Just admit the dlc has many issues and let it go.

1. The dlc takes place some time after e-day. If it didn't how would they know the names of things already or even know what to expect, not like this takes place the day the grubs first show up? Cole enlist after the locust come up, he is issued a chain saw lancer, thus it is possible they where around at the time of the DLC

3. I will have to look into this opne a bit more myself but sure it can be explained.

4. That make shift boat is what is left ogf the cog navy. As I said, by the time Gears three happens most of the cogs resources are in one place. You do not see silverbacks in 1 or 2 becouse where would they be used? I doubt Delta would be off hunting for Alpha in silverbacks (gears 1), and I doubt the cog would want to send what ever ones they have left into the hollow in part 2. The silverbacks appear to be more defensive than offensive and as high speed (moble) unit delta would not use such a thing.

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