Gears of shotgun 3

Why didnt they just take out the lancers/retro lancers completely and just make it shotguns all the way, lancers dont do F-all. Just now I had this guy at a long range so I was pumping him with lancer bullets and it was as if he KNEW i couldnt kill him because he just kept running and rolling towards me through this hail of bullets and one shotted me, WTF is this really supposed to be fun?, when ur a UK gamer and u always get paired up with french players who seem to have realised you cant do them any damage because of the bullet lag so they roll around doing what the hell they want and one shot you at their leasure, what a *** game, sorry to swear but this is truly trerrible.


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I see people try this run through my Lancer bullets technique all the time.  I came up with a pretty decent tactic to combat it though.

I keep firing until I anticipate their final evade (roll) toward me. At this point I simultaneously evade left and equip my gnasher.  As soon as I'm upright I turn right and and take as fast and as accurate a shot at them as I can.  Even if I barely hit them my lancer shots have usually done enough damage so they are at least downed.  Hope that helps some.

Use the Retro instead of the Lancer.

I find I'm getting more Lancer kills in Gears 3 than Gears 2.

I often get more Lancer kills in a round than Shotgun.

Gears 3 Lancer I have no problem downing,and sometimes killing with 1 clip now. I could never do that in 2. The hammerburst is more effective and accurate this time also, very easy downs from a distance .

The franchise has always been about shotgun battles however GOW 1 is the only one that actually had balanced shotguns. Whether you were host or not, enemies ALWAYS died or were downed in 3 to four shots... always. In two the gnasher was so inconsistent it was useless, its a little better now in 3 but they need an effective counter against sawed off rushers, like a flak jacket that only protects you from it one time or something.

The Lancers do plenty work in this game, more than they ever. Don't blame lag for the weapon's actual performance.