Gears not a CQC game?

Remember when everyone complained about the gnasher in GOW2, Epic came out and said their intention was not to create close quarters combat (CQC) game centered around shotgun battles.  Well doesn't the SO completely go against this?  I would say about 60% of the opponents I came across during the beta used the same strategy (hide in cover; when player approaches run directly at them with no regard whatsoever, shoot SO, run, reload, repeat).


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In case you haven't noticed, a smart player with a rifle can completely dominate a SO user at least 95% of the time.

SO is the anti-melee/chainsaw weapon. If you let them get close enough to kill you with it then it is your own fault. The only issue I have with it is when it downs you from 4-5 feet away.

EPIC loves CQC thats why they added SO for new comers who cant use the gnasher well.personally i dont like the mantle kick because i love cover gnasher battles but now who ever mantle kick automatically gets a kill.

I think you got it all opposite.  This game is not suppose to be CQC so they put the SO in there so that it stops people from rushing.  You rush you get killed with the SO, plain and simple.  I always use HB or lancer at them first.  I rarely go into CQC and just start using Gnasher or SO.  Most of the time my SO or Gnasher is for people rushing at me.

as long as you start off with a shotgun in the gears franchise it will always be a close quarters game, yes the close quarters has lessened from gears 1 (i dont play gears 2) but i think cqc/ldc is still about 50/50 in gears 3

at the same time i dont consider cqc to be a bad thing about gears? i never did, personally thats one of the reasons i like it, its different

I love CQC. 60% of kills in the beta were with the gnasher. SO can get you if you're already engaged with someone else. If I see him he's probably gonna die. If not from me a mate will be flanking/suppressing/rushing. Absolutely hate when someone gets in the middle of battle and gets a shot of with the SO. One shot killed my entire team once.

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Absolutely hate when someone gets in the middle of battle and gets a shot of with the SO. One shot killed my entire team once.


That would be your own team's fault.


Just sayin'.

Yes it was.

Epic didn't intend for it to be that way but it is. The way they make these maps only promotes CQC combat. Take a look at 90% of Gears maps and you will really see how tight they look. With all the cover put everywhere and numerous small alleyways and hotspots it's purely based off the maps. Regardless, Im a Gnasher player and I find a way to use it when I can, though I know when to use a Rifle if need be but I won't hesitate to take out my Gnasher.