Gears Judgement = Halo ODST

That's what it feels like to me so far...  one of those 'throw-in' titles in the arc of a franchise that didn't get the development attention it needed.  Just doesn't resonate like the other Gears titles without Marcus in SP campaign, and all the changes to MP are agrevating.  weapons control changes, Cog v locusts gone, no curb stomp, etc..  To be fair, I'm only a couple hours into the campaign, but it is not feeling nearly as developed and deep as the first 3 games.  perhaps it will get much better as I go along.  All that said, its a Gears game and I love the Gears of War game, so I will play it and complete it with no regrets, but I don't see the replay value here that there was in the original trilogy.


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My point was more how Judgement ranks in the series of Gears of War games, and how it is similar to how ODST ranks in the Halo series in my opinion, a game that wasn't to the standard for the franchise..  I wasn't meaning to compare Judgement directly to ODST on game merits..  my post title may have been a bit missleading to my point.  

just playing single play this one no locust no point whoever made that choice should be shot

Wait really? But they have Cogs and Locusts and the box art clearly reads Gears of War. They need to do a recall I suppose.

It's a alternate reality.

The game needs a new title because this is not Gears of War.

Opinion is not valid to me... Odst was a travesty.

No way  Judgement campaign and MP are  100 times better .