Gears 3 YouTube Content

Hey guys i'm posting just to inform you all of YouTube channels I have found to have good GoW3 content :)

Some channels are for competitive gameplay & others are montage/rage, etc and I included my own channel because I plan to do some more GoW3 content. Post YouTube channels that you like/find interesting? :)


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If you were clever, you would have neglected to mention that one of the links was your own.  You'd still have gotten the hits.


If you were cleaver, people wouldn't know where to find you.

You know who the hell cares! Post that stuff anyways! These mods need to recognize! It is just some dang videos.  If you don't want to watch them don't click on the links!

Well there aren't any links to click on anyways.

In your sig brotha. Can't advertise vids. Ya dig?

^ lol. Cleaver clever clown.

I believe it is because it is considered advertizing.  If you want to show off your youtube videos/channel, put a link in your signature.

I'm hoping that this wont come off as rude but I think posting links to promote videos might be against the forum rules. I could be wrong and if I am then I sincerely apologize but I'm just trying to give you a heads up. Have a great day.

Yeah... 'OwnDiZzL3' pretty much does nothing but *** about the Sawed-Off. You have been duly warned.