Gears 3 numbers already beaten both halo pre orders

gears 3 have already got a million pre-orders. this beats both halo 3 and halo reach and is now the highest pre ordered game on the xbox 360. im so happy gears is back!


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Where did Gears go?

I don't care if Gears beats Halo or CoD, it won't, as I just want Gears 3 to be the best game out of the trilogy.

x2 @ Lord Dirt

This version of Gears will dominate the top games on Xbox live for months! IMO anyway

Even though Gears is third person, I'd much rather play any Gears game over Halo. Sometime soon I will pre-order the game.

Yeah I Hope This Game Renews My ADDICTION. I Swear I Wanna Be So Addicted I Pee In Water Bottles Instead Of Leaving The Game.

Peoples biggest complaint has always been the lag and now that that is pretty much fixed (my games were flawless) then I see no reason for this to not be the top game.

what no one understands is that the people saying this will top xbox for months and months, you're wrong, I love gears as i've played for 5 yrs. But Gears 3 will be released and will dominate the xbox most played list until the date of November 8th or whenever The Next Call Of duty game (mw3) gets released, cause everyone playing gears and not playing gears will most likely get it, and you said Gears 3 is the most pre ordered game ever on xbox. lies again, Mw2 and Black ops had over 2 million. so you sir, are falsely advertising.

Thanks to the beta a lot of people are picking up GOW 1 skipping the SP and coming straight to ranked. It's pretty frustrating.

Halo didn't stand a chance.

okay theres some people on here that dont know what theyre talking about so allow me to correct everyone

1) Gears 3 is the most pre-ordered XBOX EXCLUSIVE game ever, games such as COD do not count as they are multi-platform

2) MW3 will not be as big as most people think, ESPECIALLY if they decide to charge for online play (look it up if you dont believe me, know the facts people, it might happen)

3) Gears 3 will be in the top 2 for the first two months of release, will drop down to the top 5 after mw3 and bf3 are released, and will stay within the top 10 for about a year or so, hard to tell anything thats over a year away

4) Gears 3 proves that betas work and i dont understand why more games do not provide betas, betas = trust, if you're willing to let me try your game before i hand over 60 bucks, i know i can trust you, and give you props, this is the number one reason why any cod game will never release a beta...they want your money they dont care much about your enjoyment of the game (want an example? look at modern warfare 2s hacks and glitches after only a year, nuff said)

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