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Hey guys for all of those who are a little confused on how the new Gears 3 DLC Horde Command Pack will work here is what Rod Fergursson said. And the seconded DLC will have to do with campaign. Thought this might help clear up any question that were had about the new DLC coming November 1st 2011.

To answer a bunch of questions, Horde Command Pack maps are only available for player hosted gametypes like Horde, Beast and Private MP.  To be clear, it's called the "Horde Command Pack". The first DLC is mainly supporting Horde play, just like the second will be Campaign. Campaign DLC will include maps for public Versus play. The issue at hand here are the dedicated servers. Eventually you will be able to play DLC 1 maps publicly in VS but when is TBD (and TBA). For Horde Command Pack, only the player hosting needs to have the new map for all players to play on it.  Correct, map can be shared by host but only owners can build the new fortifications and can earn the new achievements.And yes if you bought Season Pass already then you can download Horde Command Pack for free on Nov 1st.


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