Gears 3 DLC Ditches Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird *SPOILERS*

Gears 3 DLC Ditches Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird
Written Wednesday, September 28, 2011 By Lee Bradley
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A future Gears of War 3 campaign DLC pack will not feature Marcus, Dom, Cole or Baird, according to Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski.

Instead, the content will follow Michael Barrick, the star of the Gears of War comic series Hollow. Barrick is a former Stranded who enlists with the COG.

The DLC marks the first time story-based Gears content will not follow our regular, tree-trunk-necked heroes.

Responding to a suggestion on NeoGAF that Hollow was to form the basis of future Gears 3 DLC, Bleszinski wrote, “No, it won't be the graphic novel. But it will have all new campaign content that doesn't have Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird in it. Expect Barrick and more..."

While he was at it, Bleszinski also responded to accusations of poor writing in Gears 3. Beware, the following quotes contain some small things you may not be aware of yet.

“I’m not going to defend our story here, those who love it and get it truly adore it," he said. "You can find plot holes in nearly anything, from Lord of the Rings to Dark Knight. Story, like any art, can be somewhat subjective and is easy to pick on.

"The GAF crowd can be somewhat cynical. If you go to YouTube and look up many of the cutscenes deemed 'silly' or 'cheesy' on here the majority of the comments over there cite how the scenes moved them, made them misty eyed, or out and out made them cry.

"And those of you citing Cole as some bad stereotype - guys, that's just Lester being Lester. We introduced Jace as a more laid back character as a contrast to Cole's enthusiasm (which, after playing his sequence, is his way of overcompensating for not being the centre of the universe and having to risk his neck for a can of beans now along with some aches and pains).

"I believe we're getting better at storytelling with each effort and the critical consensus is that this is the best Gears narrative yet, and we'll keep doing better in the future. You can pick anything to shreds on the internet because you've got the time and balls afforded to you by a keyboard and monitor. ;)"

Bleszinski concluded by saying, "And no, we're not going to answer everything. Creatives often leave certain questions unanswered so they can answer them later or let the hive mind of the internet to figure it out. The Gearspedia has already solved a lot of these questions."


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This sounds awesome. Better get my season pass soon. Good post!

Yeah lets not answer why the queen is human.

I think using Barrick as the poster boy for the DLC Season Pass gave us some hints about the DLC.  As for the Queen being human..... I think we will never get the answer to that.

[quote user="MEGA MAN"]

Yeah lets not answer why the queen is human.


Probably the best information you will get with regards to Myrrah currently.

I would definitely suggest making sure to click and read all of the links provided.

She is not human. Look at her in Gears 2, her back side is all locust. She is the queen of the hive so looks different. More Human-like but still 100% locust ***.

If she was not Human then how come Adam Fenixs solution to kill the Imulsion parasite didn't destroy her the way it destroyed every other Locust, especially with being so close to the source? Why does she look human? And her butt is definitely all human (you get a good shot of it in the end video), haha.

Video contains spoilers.


Yeah I agree her butt is all human! haha. But her actual back is all locusted out.

Looks more like the armour to me to be honest. I play her in multiplayer all the time she just looks good old fashioned human (which is why I play her). The only other Locust females we know of are Berserkers and, well, look how they turned out. :D

Spoiler i thoughti t was only the  lambent was blown away at the end with the nuke ray or what every it was   during the end battle. i swore it was all lambent  creatures i was fighting....    The lambency of  BOTH  humans AND the Locusts  was caused by being infected by the immulsion.  hence thats why the queen didnt die cause she was NOT infected by the  immulsion!  if you were infected as Adam was cause he injected himself witht it.  you were growing lambent and the bomb killed you!  thats what i assumed anyways!  

Locust were more infected too, thats why they died.

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