Gears 3 Console Question

Does anyone know if this will be availible only limited time or will it always be availible to buy? I was planning to purchase this on release date but now i may have to wait a month or so before purchasing, also does anyone know if the exclusive retro lancer sold from gamestop also limited time or will be always availible for purchase?

Thanks in advanced.


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Its a limited edition console.  That means they will be making x amount of consoles and ship them out to the stores.  They will not make anymore after that.  After that store is sold out the chances of them getting some more is slim to none.  Most likely none.

They'll probably mass produce it but the only way you can get it would be online. Newegg still sells the halo reach one I think

The retro lancer repiclia pre order if you want it there only makeing how many pre orders there are

No they will be selling them in stores.  Gamestop and Bestbuy will be having them in store.  Probably Walmart too.  It is much like those limited Halo Reach consoles they had.