Gears 3 comic-con info.

From the blog panel:



-Co-op characters will switch out between Cole, Carmine, Anya, and ?




-Berzerkers and Brumaks will be in Horde 2.0.



-There will be cosmetic customization.  That pertains to either weapons, armor, or both.



-33% of the time you'll be fighting the lambent locusts, as opposed to the normal ones.



-You can unlock everything (items for multiplayer and campaign) just by playing the campaign.





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There is going to be a lot more than just the few characters you listed.  It was known for a while that the campaign will switch between 2 sets of characters telling the same part of the story from 2 perspectives.  So 4P co-op with 2 groups equal 8 Characters.


Brumaks & Berserkers were also known for quite some time, especially from the Horde 2.0 vid released weeks ago.


I gather that the Unlocking of stuff means Rank, and that everyone can Rank up by other means than just MP, if so, that's great.

Wasn't there some other woman named Sam that was supposed to an option for co-op?

Sorry.  Still getting used to the new forums.  The fourth co-op player will be Dom, of course.