Gears 3 Cog Code Hunt

Any ideas where to find gears 3 cog codes?


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Dirt, I know of 6 codes that have been released that give access to PC downloadable content. Apperantly there are more to come but they are hidden on the web via videos, forumns, newsltters ect...


3MAKH4TYBF6C - This Code is not working for me. Is it giving any 1 else trouble??? It says I've used it already when I haven't... Grrrrrr !!!

you can find the known codes here and the site to input them.

Make sure you don't have ur pop up blocker on.

just google COG CODE HUNT. like 6 are on the first link

Ca someone post the codes they find here.

[quote user="Espada Muerta"]

Ca someone post the codes they find here.

[/quote]Just follow the link a few post above yours.

here are some codes ☆ Cole Train 3D Poster: A68GCEQZMFBK

Locust Drone 3D Poster: GTA7EHJQK2Z6

COG Locker Wallpaper: Y6MJCGZA8N7V

Gears 3 Messenger Icons: Q94RGYWVXE8T

Submarine Vehicle Certificate: 2UTHRY4M3CPG

Carmine's Tattoo Pattern: 2UTHRY4M3CPG

Dom's tattoo pattern: PJNQC4H63EFG

☆ Silverback Schematic Poster: EZ3QHYFK4D8V

☆ Hanover Cougars Iron-On: QYXCKFB9E4J2

☆ Berserker Target Poster: TR3FQ7WHUJ8Y

☆ Lancer Schematic Poster: F9JZ47PNRBHU

☆ Gnasher Cert: One Time Code ( in an email )

☆ Hammer Of Dawn Weapon Cert: 64QZRJ8HKXVU

☆ Anya Papercraft: ATX3GVND86JC

☆ Locust Drone Papercraft: DQXB348MVCPF

☆ Marcus Tattoo Pattern: 798VJTUNKFAD