Gears 2 Tourney, reboot?

What say you?


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Maaan I just tried going back to GOW2......Gears 3 Beta blows it away....cant believe how bad this game is.

Still not been able to go back to it. Maybe give it a try 2nite.

I went back last night; me and one other friend.  We played guardian and got into a match.  Low and behold it's me, my buddy and the other 8 players in the match were team mexico (yes!!!).

Lots of fun!!!!   I go up to a guy that's taking cover and looking away from me while receiving fire from the amigos on my team from the opposite side of the map......  I slowly walk up on the guy and wait a good 5 seconds and he doesn't move or notice me as he's still in cover, I then walked up to him and basically touched him with the barrel of my knasher and I fired.....  Nothing happened nor did the amigo even move rather he just stayed in cover I then attempted to 2 piece him thinking this would be the only thing that would work; upon meleeing him my controller vibrated and I then shot, at this point he got out of cover and promptly gibbed me.  After this I went 2-18 or so took gow2 out and inserted BLOPs (a game I don't particularly like yet it's somewhat consistent) and I went 20-4.  My memory may be cloudy yet it seemed TU6 fixed things/obviously not.  I'm not sure if Guardian is the favorite game for mexicans or what the deal is yet I can't deal with this garbage anymore.

Are you serious? I will go buy the game again if you do it.

That would be a no for me.

Also are there no more signatures?

Looks like it.

I HATE THE NEW FORUM SET UP TOO. Where's The Individuality? Yeah But Im Down For Some Gears Of War 2 Tourney.

I Prefer Gears 2 Over Gears 3 For Now.

Hooowwww? Gears 2 feels awfull compared to gow3