Gears 2 Co-op

I need someone to help me run trough the campain on gears 2 casual for the achievmets. I have already beat it on insane so just casual, my live expires soon so add me if you're interested, i also know where all of the collectibles are so i can help with that.



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i also need co-op achievements so if anybody wants to send me FR ill be on

I need a co-op partner so anyone else who needs the co-op achievement can send me a FR I will be renewing my gold tomorrow.

I like to Play to get the achievent of HORDE but if wants mi Help I gladly ready... mmm America Central Hr  6:00pm to they Needed

im willing to help if you are willing to help me back in return

I want to do insane campaign run as well. Add me if you are willing to, but note that I am Europe resident and my time zone is +1 Warsaw time.

add me i need to do this i  play late at night on eastern time zone

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i need help doing the campaing on Co-op on insane :s


I'll help on insane if you want. I need the co op ones.

i need help doing the campaing on Co-op on insane :s

Just looking to do campaign