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killing stunned enemies from flash bangs and concussion grenades are easy. But getting the kills from Nova gas are proving to be ver difficult!!


Any advice please????


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You dont have to kill them with the gas itself,  you can shoot them while they are effected by it.

Its fairly easy in objective modes, just throw the gas at the objective, then start shooting.

Its also nice using hardened .... throw the gas in a room and shoot through the walls.


Actually, what I hated was the flash kills, It would be very decieving. I'd flash the enemy and think I didnt have to react as quickly because the enemy has his weapon pointed at the ground and his arm over his face, but then bullets come flying out of his belly and kill me.

Equip Warloard pro so you'll get 2 nova grenades.  Try to use them inside where you know people hang out. Like the upper level of "Summit". It is a pain but you'll eventually get it. then you get those great hit markers!

I thrown nova gas at objectives like Tired Old Guy said. It's not fast but the kills add up.

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I thrown nova gas at objectives like Tired Old Guy said. It's not fast but the kills add up.


     Even if you dont get the kill, you get a lot of xp from assists when your teammate kills them.

     I've had some fairly poor matches where I've still gotten plenty of xp by getting 15-20 assists because of nova gas..

Headquarters or Domination.


Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Well, this isn't going to rack up kills, but Nova Gas is extremely effective in CTF.

If you see an enemy run for the flag or is about to cap your flag, throw the Nova Gas in the appropriate spot to effectively stop them.

Everything the other posters have said is what I would do. If I could add anything it's be prepared at all times becuz if they are also using Tac Mask you'll find out real quick that they can see you through that gas and can shoot back rather easily.