Gas in GTA V? Yes or No?

Hello again. Since GTA V is still a long way away, and it seems that it won't get an announcement until the release of Max Payne 3, I thought I would bring up another chance to get player opinion. This time I'm focusing on a particularly controversial topic: GAS. Simply put would you or would you not want it implemented in GTA V? In addtion, please explain why.


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I say give us the option like New Vegas did.

Allow us to choose.

Normal or realistic.

Realistic would of course make it where you have to watch your gas meter. Then cars you steal could have low gas and if your running from the cops and happen to steal one of these cars, you couldn't just go get some gas o.O

It would make things very interesting.

If they couldn't give you the opt. to turn it on and off.

I'd say Why not, put it in the game.....

Ok; I like your ideas. I've never played New Vegas, but that sounds like a good way to implement it. One reason for supporting GAS, from another website, is the fact that we don't always keep our cars. We ditch them more than we use them. If I were to expand on this, then GAS would seem like a logical choice, but from your POV, Smokey, I think "giving them the option" sounds good enough. Have you ever played MAFIA or 2? I hear they implemented GAS really well in it.

I would personally hate having to stop for gas for my cars - I like to pick em up, drive the crap outta em, and blow em up. lol I dont have any special bonds to any cars in GTA as I know that I can easily find another car just like it.

That is why Smokey said "give us the option". IMO, from what I've read on other forums, this idea could work IF it is given as an option and NOT forced upon us. However, it wouldn't affect me because I'm one of those realistic roleplay types :)

See for people like you, IDEAL. But for people like me - well you know already. An option is a neat idea though. I have to say I love how in to it you are Legend.

(into it) Being your love of GTA, and all the ideas you come up with.

Thanks; I've been playing GTA for a very long time. It is one oft favorite games (it's an extremely realistic but fun genre). I'm putting a lot of expectations on R* for GTA V. If I know my GTAs, it will probably be equivalent to SA. 1) GTA IV was a new "jumpstart" to the franchise (one reason they didn't put too much into it). 2) It was used with an early working version of RAGE (in other words, a test subject, which was improved thanks to other games, RDR and now Max Payne 3). 3) Console limitations (R* can now fully implement the limitations of Xbox 360 in addition to RAGE engine). Conclusion: GTA V will be the biggest, baddest, most excellent game of the franchise ever made!!!

I am as well. And I really hope so - but I believe that as usual Legend - you are right lol.

I own mafia 2 but stuck to the missions. There wasn't much to the free roam so i couldn't say for sure how the gas would play a role in a game as expansive as GTA.

I have 2 rare cars at each safe house. So i could understand keeping them filled up. I don't use them that much tho, because doing missions will most likely destroy your car or cause you to ditch it.