Gaming Loading Issue

any one know what would cause a slower load time with the game?

when playing with a friend, when my game has loaded and has started, the friend tells me that they are still in the loading screen, I see there name in the game but it's not active yet.

They have installed the game to the hard drive, have the updates, yet on the Oasis map they take a long time to get in the game.




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The party leader joins the game before everybody in the party does else I think.

You can't have two present progressive verbs next to each other.

CosmicStrike, whether or not the Game is on the HDD, Load Times will be significantly changed for BC2. Playing from the HDD the Player could be in a Match up to 5 seconds earlier and that can make a huge difference.

Where is your friend located? I usually get into a game late when I am playing with my American friends. Also someone's connection could be reasonably better.

I think it's an Internet connection issue that is causing his load times to have a problem.

I guess it's your connection. I usually get into games a lot earlier than my squadmates, and I'm betting it's because of my internet speed, and maybe my geographical location.

i have nothing wrong with my connection, it's a friends connection that is having the problem.